Why are women so needy and clingy?

Its a simple question, so feel free to debate it and don't be afraid to ask me any questions in relation to this.

I'm in my mid thirties and she is in her early 40's. I have to leave the country for a new job. This morning on the phone she demanded that I don't go, saying that I don't love her or care about her if I go. She has been getting more needy and clingy over the past few weeks. Will be seeing her on Tuesday next, and breaking up with her.


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  • I think you made the right decision. I wouldn't put up with that from a boyfriend, and I don't expect someone to put up with that from me. I think we all have moments where we have a needy or clingy thought, but the difference between that and being a needy, clingy person is that people who are stronger than that can rationalize and dismiss those thoughts before acting on them like a complete ninny.


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  • well she acts like that because she is afraid she will lose you

  • not all of them are,for example,i'm the complete opposite of clingy,i'm overly non-clingy with people. BUT,i think most people are clingy,it's just that guys are worried about being cool so they don't let it show like women.

  • I'm not

    • Your 'not' what?

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    • Well, I hope you find a nice guy who will treat you well. :)

    • BTW - I just read your update to the question, and by judging from what you've shared, she isn't being needy or clingy. She cares about you and wants to have a real relationship, not a long distance one. That is not demanding or unreasonable. She's fighting to keep you both together. But if you don't seem to care about that or think that she's being clingy, etc., then maybe you moving is a good thing. Easy way to end it. Just saying...

  • Insecure. The more time uou spend with them the less you'll have for other girls

  • Excessive hormones in the meat.

  • She may have had a bad relationship in the past, which makes her want to keep you close to her so you will never leave her. She shouldn't tell you not to go on your business trip. That's your job. Have you tried to ask her what's her deal?

  • they're not. this does my head in. women simply want their man to be there for them, to look after them and to love them like a man should. might be because we catch soppy films and expect our relationships to be parallel to the amazing ones of the actors!

  • Sometimes it's loneliness. I try my best not to be clingy because it's not good, but when I am, it's because I feel like I have no one else & no other options at the time, so I latch on to the guy for dear life. It's kinda sad.

    • @update: She's probably upset that she may never see you again. I'm sorry.

  • generalizing there. most women I know are strong and independent


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  • it may be a simple question but there is no merit in answering since its claim is nonsensical and it says much more about your person than about anything else let alone the nature of women as a whole

    so my question to you would be what made you make this assumption that "women" (implied all women) are as you claim? obviously you must have had some rather unpleasant experiences with one or maybe even a few women over the course of your life, seeing as even your name is frustrated76

    i would put to you the suggestion that it might be more fruitful to look at the specific cases instead of resorting to generalizations because if there is one thing that will not get you anywhere in your future endeavors with the fairer sex its what you display with your question

  • Because they're women.

  • She got attached to you emtionally

  • Because they can't make it on their own.

  • because they are WEAK and HELPLESS. they are inferior to men and they realize it (but don't want to admit it).