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Why do guys stare at girls legs?

When I go to school I either wear shorts or skinny jeans and this one guys, all he does he stare at my legs. Why does he do this?

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  • He is not just looking at your legs, he is looking you up and down and undressing you with his eyes, and the only reason you think he looks at your legs is because he does not feel confident enough to look intoi your eyes, because he is perving and doesn't want you to know, and is scared you might realize what he is doing with his thoughts if you catch eye contact, so he stays on your legs, either that or your legs are bloody amazing and because the heart to skkip a beat and thoughts go through his mind wondering what they would feel like around his waist, x

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  • He probably likes your legs and ass.

  • He likes you're legs I'm guessing, where's the problem?

  • because legs are sexy as hell...

    i love LEGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS yum lol

  • He may be imagining what he's going to do when he gets his hands on them or gets to tangle his legs with them. Not all guys are attracted to the same body parts, although I'll never understand foot fetishes.

  • Guess your legs are nice to look at. Maybe you should send me a picture so I can see for myself. (just kidding:) A woman's legs are always up there near the top of sexy body parts to a man.

  • Because good legs are awesome ^^

  • school is cool.

  • Legs = shy guys

    Breasts = aggressive guys

    You'll need to get some conversation going if you want him to look at ... eyes.

    • i just do the whole body check...lol

    • what a retarded answer. just because he loves to stare at sexy legs, it doesn't mean he's shy. it means he is horny.

    • Some offenders NEED a private profile; retardo = you of course, do some research

  • Because he likes legs...

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