Girls hate me, why?

I have almost no female friends. I just have difficulties with other women. I'm not catty, I'm very easygoing. But I only have about 5 female friends. I have a boyfriend, and although I used to hook up (just make out) with guys before I met him, I never had a one night stand or hooked up with a guy who had a girlfriend. And even so I did a lot less than many other girls do). NO girls are mean to me in real life, but on that website, a ton of people (presumably girls) go on and on about how I "think I'm such a hot slut" and have "huge tits and an ugly face" and all these really mean things. I stay to myself and the only guy I am sexual with is my boyfriend. I don't even know why anyone would be jealous because I'm usually just in my dorm room doing nothing. What is the problem here? Yes I am super skinny with big boobs but that's no reason to hate somebody.


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  • Lots of women (especially in our age bracket) are very shallow and jealous. Myself included. It is hard to hang out with a skinny girl with huge boobs, she gets all the attention!

    I'm not sure if you are upset about not having female friends, or the things people say about you?

    People will always talk sh*t. Especially on-line where there is no face-to-face guilt or back-lash in public. It's easy to bash a screenname, no?

    You don't think you are a slut, do you? Then don't let it bother you when people say it on-line. It's a double standard that women should be virginal while men who sleep around are cooler for doing so.

    You say all you do is sit around in your dorm room, why do people call you a slut? No wonder you have few female friends if you sit around in your dorm room all day! Go find a campus activity! Join a team! Check out events going on in your major, social nights around your campus housing. Does your college have an international house? They often have meet-and-greets. get a part time job! Most people meet their best friends at work!

    Be open. When people say -hey, want to get some coffee, or lunch, or study for something, go do it! even sometimes if you don't feel like it! and reciperocate the invitation.

    golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    treat other people with kindness and friendship, and that is how you will be treated.

    What is juicycampus? gossip site? Internet 101 her girlie, there are people online who are here solely for the purpose of making your life harder. on web forums like juicycampus, this is called trolling, or flaming. and it sounds like half the point of the site.

    You obviously don't believe what people say, so don't let it bother you. If it does anyway, stop juicycampusing.

    Good luck with the female friends!


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  • I have noticed that girls are inherently cruel to one another. It is pretty much a cat fight and I almost think if you put two girls at it, it would be a fight to the death. Girls are horrible one another behind their backs. The worst part is that its double faced too. You guys are so nice to each other up front but behind their backs, you said some mean and nasty stuff.

    Honestly, I think women are just insanely jealous and love to feel superior to one another in some ways. I don't know, tell me what you think? Write me something because I have no in to the woman mind.

  • here's an easy fix. stay off of that site.

    if those tools are attacking you...why go into the battle?

    just stay away from them. that simple.

  • 1. do you have red hair?

    2. do you have myspace so us guys can see what your talking about.

    • Nah I don't have red hair, but what would that have to do with anything?

    • Ok so I got 1 out of 2 right! send me a message and let me know your myspace... what color hair you have? it has a lot to do on attitude. don't you know? haven't you heard? my ex was red hair that's why I asked you thkx...

  • 5 actually seems like a lot to me. But then again, I'm a loner.

    Yeah, it sounds like they are jealous of your body.

    I wouldn't mind seeing it myself, from your description.


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  • remember that girls by nature are nothing but jealous envious vindictive bitches. There are very few and rarely any girls that aren't like that. The ones that are, are the ones that say those things about other girls. TRUST ME it has happened to me too. I also have very few female friends, and finally figured out why. Girls naturally hate on other girls that are either prettier, nicer, sweeter, liked more than they are, they turn on HATEFUL BITCH MODE and destroy the nicer girls that are not out to get them.

    just ignore them they are not worth your time.

    There is nothing wrong with you its them and unfortunately society doesn't help with that these days either.

  • it doesn't matter if you have just 5 friends, I mean that's more than 0.

    maybe it's just the type of girls you try to be friends with

    or maybe it's something else.

    if you're a nice person and you don't do anything bad then

    who cares

    who cares what gossipers and little brats have to say?

    gossip is gossip---it may be true, it may not be true.

    i think it's just nasty to talk about others in general in a condescending manner.

    i mean

    if someone's doing something wrong, just point it out to them

    i guess I'm just simple

  • It's jelousy! No question about it.. Who knows why? Girls just do shit like that

  • Girls are jealous, hateful, catty, insecure bitches. They don't love themselves so it makes them feel better saying things about you. Seriously, friends aren't all they are cracked up to be. A have a handful of friends too, and I couldn't be happier. Life is a race, but in the end we are only compeating with ourselves. I mean there is always someone smarter, prettier, skinner and richer then you. Some people just don't get it. Maybe if they worried more about better themselves then knocking you down, they would be more productive in bettering their own miserble lives!

  • Oh I hardly get along with girls either, and before I met my boyfriend I did have some one night stands and I did sleep with a guy who had a gf... But uhm, do you appear to be confident? I am, so a lot of people get jealous, I just know what I want and how I get it... I even got my teacher to give me and A instead of a C on my test:P

    Girls get jealous of other girls, the things other dare to do or the people they hang out with, or their bf's^^ I've had lots of nasty comments, but I don't really care, guys are much better friends anyway, way more loyal^^ and the 3 gf's I do have, I love them to death, but I've known them for about 10 years and that's probably why we're still friends:D

    Don't let them get to you:D I'm sure you're an awsome person:D:D:D

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