Girls hate me, why?

I have almost no female friends. I just have difficulties with other women. I'm not catty, I'm very easygoing. But I only have about 5 female friends. I have a boyfriend, and although I used to hook up (just make out) with guys before I met him, I never had a one night stand or hooked up with a... Show More

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  • Lots of women (especially in our age bracket) are very shallow and jealous. Myself included. It is hard to hang out with a skinny girl with huge boobs, she gets all the attention!

    I'm not sure if you are upset about not having female friends, or the things people say about you?

    People will always talk sh*t. Especially on-line where there is no face-to-face guilt or back-lash in public. It's easy to bash a screenname, no?

    You don't think you are a slut, do you? Then don't let it bother you when people say it on-line. It's a double standard that women should be virginal while men who sleep around are cooler for doing so.

    You say all you do is sit around in your dorm room, why do people call you a slut? No wonder you have few female friends if you sit around in your dorm room all day! Go find a campus activity! Join a team! Check out events going on in your major, social nights around your campus housing. Does your college have an international house? They often have meet-and-greets. get a part time job! Most people meet their best friends at work!

    Be open. When people say -hey, want to get some coffee, or lunch, or study for something, go do it! even sometimes if you don't feel like it! and reciperocate the invitation.

    golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    treat other people with kindness and friendship, and that is how you will be treated.

    What is juicycampus? gossip site? Internet 101 her girlie, there are people online who are here solely for the purpose of making your life harder. on web forums like juicycampus, this is called trolling, or flaming. and it sounds like half the point of the site.

    You obviously don't believe what people say, so don't let it bother you. If it does anyway, stop juicycampusing.

    Good luck with the female friends!