Why do people think that Southern people are stupid?

Yeah, there are some dumb ass hillbilly's in the south, but not as many as people think! I can't stand how southerners are labeled as dumb or uneducated, by the rest of the country. I just saw a guy with a Ohio license plate driving on the wrong side of the highway with his flashers on, like that made it ok! I work with a guy from Indiana that get's lost every time he leaves the office and he's lived here for 15 years. So why does the south get a bad rap? Seriously? We are polite and use manners. I might have a little southern draaaaaaw in my accent, but I'm far from stupid!


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  • I totally agree with you the south does get a bad rap. I think its because they believe we are all incest morons since we have different views. I live in the country and most people think I live in a different planet

    • Yeah, I think we seem dumb because we don't try to speak a 1,000 words per minute. lol. I'd rather slow down and enjoy life, as opposed to the rat race of the big cities!

    • My thoughts exactly. The accent doesn't help, mine gets strong when I'm angry or excited about soemthing. But southern people are far from dumb

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  • It's the accent (I don't understand why, it's clearly nothing to do with IQ and actually how the words don't want to leave their mouths) and all of the testosterone thing, where people think that "Hey, they're into sports, they must be REALLY thick." This concept that Texans are thick is clearly a load of rubbish.

    • lol, ok! I played sports because I liked it, not to make people think I was hung. btw

    • I'm British, so thick to me means 'stupid' :)

    • lol, never heard that one before.

  • im a Georgia peach and every time I have a "non southerner" come to visit.. they always say how well mannered, polite, and courteous we are. I have fam in NY and they say we're like super nice compared to any other girls up north.. etc.. so I don't know why peeps would hate on us just because we might have a slight accent.. but doesn't everyone in their own way? anyways ya..

    • Yeah! I know what you mean. I have cousins from Philly, and the first time they cam down to visit they were blown away at how polite and nice everyone was. They even said " We thought we would be treated bad because we are Yankee's , but everyone is so nice!" Plus, they loved to hear me talk. They liked to hear me say things like Hog (hawg), frog (frawg) and dog (dawg), lol

    • haha ya.. I'm not super southern accent but it's still there.. like when my friends from Australia came to visit.. they picked on our "yall" haha

  • To be honest when I think about southern people I think of people of being kind of closed off from the rest of the world.

    • You think people in Atlanta are closed off from the rest of the world?

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    • Yeah, there are a few idiots that are still very racist and segregated. But, the majority of southerners judge by character, not the color of their skin.

    • and to be honest I like the southern accent(some of them), just because you talk slow doesn't mean your dumb.

  • Im from NY and I don't think they are stupid. I think they are really nice too, and you actually drive a lot safer. But when I go down south I notice a huge difference in how fast they move. I went to Mcdonalds and it took a noticeably longer time for me to get my food, but I will say it was way better! :) This is from my experience of driving to FL every year since I was a kid. Also visiting Virginia, and North and South Carolina.

    • LOL, we don't get in any hurry, not even in McDonalds. Hahaha!

    • hahah nope! That could be a reason why people say southerners are "dumb". People think if it takes someone a longer time to do something then they are dumber then the person moving quickly...just a thought. but Id wait for your mcdonals over any McDonald's in NY lol

  • i THINK that judging anyone by where they come from is stupid

  • Its just the stereotype. Influenced by the media mostly. Think of Forrest Gump as an example. I mean, I've lived in North Carolina and have been to a few places in the region... just because you talk slow doesn't indicate you're dumb. Its just how it is over there. Just the culture.

    But to answer your quesiton I think it has a lot to do with sterotypes that have formed over time. And people associate talking slow with being dumb.

  • I agree southerners do get a bad rap. We are not all like that the problem is whenever something happens the news reporters always find the stupidest hick they can to interview.

  • What are yalls talking bout? I just heard that they speak slower and you think they're smarter since their states have been here longer but I guess not

  • I lived in the south when I was little and when we moved up north I had to learn to hide my drawl because everyone thought I was stupid. The thing is though; in the south there are areas where they believe if you have a northern accent you're a moron and very 'low class'. It all depends on the region.

    The best thing you can do is prove them wrong ;)

  • being a fellow southerner I feel your pain lol...hey at least we have Jersey shore and those Housewives shows to show that there's plenty of stupid to go around :)

    • LOL, Yuuup! At least we don't fist pump to house music! lol

  • I don't think southern people are dumber than people from any other part of the country...but I must say there are some older guys that I think sound like Forrest Gump when they talk but that doesn't make them stupid.

    • We may talk slow, but that's just because we believe in slowing down and enjoying life, not just rushing through it! lol.

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  • For a place that rejects polio virus immunity injections they won't be considered very smart. Basically there's no tolerance for different opinions and for free expression. There's no place for the individual there, it's either conform or get your house's windows broken and your walls tagged. Such a culture is not considered very intelligent.

    • LOL, you've watched to many movies. The south isn't like that. Everyone minds their own business and lives their own lives. Nobody has the time or the want to go and vandalize someone's property over indifference.

    • Where did you get your information? I am serious, I truly would like to know. I live down here and sure, there are some intolerant people here just as anywhere else in the world. The culture I know is great. People are generally nice and hospitable, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Speaking of tolerance, you are not being very tolerant by your comment. Are there not vandals in other places by the the way? Education wise, please note that TN has Vanderbilt University and NC has Duke University.

  • I live in the Central Plains right now, but I used to live on the west coast, and I can tell you stupid people are literally everywhere. Geographical location has almost nothing to do with it.

    • Exactly! That's the point I'm trying to make. There are idiots everywhere you go, lol!

  • Simple. Because they're mentally lazy sheeple who decide instead of meeting people and seeing what they're actually like to judge them based on the last episode of Family Guy they watched...

  • Yankees are more stupider. Derp.

  • Nah, the only places where I think people are stupid are Commiefornia and New Jersistan.

    (it's a joke. where you're from has no bearing on smarts.)

  • you forgot homophobic, xenophobic and hateful. Hell house any one?

    • First off, the definition of homophobic is: The fear of homosexuality or an individual who is homosexual. Ok, now that we got that cleared up, no one is AFFRAID of homosexuals! I don't agree with it, but I'm certainly not affraid of homosexuals. I have two gay cousins and although I don't like what they do, I still love them as much as I did before they came out. Secondly, concerning xenophobia, two of my best friends are Columbian and Iraqi. So I'm the ignorant one, huh?

    • You didn't even need to answer this guy lol! He's a prime example. Just flat out claims that the South is Homophobic, xenophobic and hateful. Have you been around the nation. Tell me one region, State or City that doesn't have it's homophobic, xenophobic, hateful morons. It's not a region problem. Like most issues in the world it's a problem of stupidity.

  • Sorry but it's true. I don't mean any offense but this is my honest opinion. They are very violent, intolerant, racist and uneducated. The educational system is very poor over there and they are still living in the 1950s

    • I'm from the south and I am not any of those things. There are a few racist rednecks in the south, but they are dying out quickly. Also, we have a wonderful education system. The University of Florida has one of the best Medical Doctor and surgeon programs in the country. Not to mention, the top rated educational college in the country is Vanderbilt, which is in Tennessee. Your point of view seems very ignorant (P.S. - ignorant means lack of knowledge and facts)

    • I don't know why they are racist. I thought I'd let them off with the explanation that they are ignorant and educated but since you insist that they are educated then I'm just gonna say it's because they are ignorant and hateful. Look, I have friends who grew up in Texas and they hated it because they were not white, people made their lives hell. In "educated" circles. you can't deny the racism that is preached in Southern Churches.

    • Oh but I can. I go to a church that has just as many blacks as there are whites. I'm not saying there aren't racists in the south, because there are. But, all I'm trying to say is that not every southern person is a racist redneck hillbilly.

  • Don't you worry about it... because the south shall rise again!

    Haha jk. But I'm from TN, and really I haven't met anyone who has come here from the north for vacation or work or anything and hasn't loved us. The only people that think the Southerners are stupid are the people who haven't even traveled their own nation. In the global world we live in, I can hardly consider their viewpoint valid.

    • That is so true! Once people have met Southerners they seem to realize their preconceived notions and stereotypes are invalid. It makes me mad when people who are ignorant to people they know nothing of spew hate, which I have witnessed firsthand.