Why do people think that Southern people are stupid?

Yeah, there are some dumb ass hillbilly's in the south, but not as many as people think! I can't stand how southerners are labeled as dumb or uneducated, by the rest of the country. I just saw a guy with a Ohio license plate driving on the wrong side of the highway with his flashers on, like that made it ok! I work with a guy from Indiana that get's lost every time he leaves the office and he's lived here for 15 years. So why does the south get a bad rap? Seriously? We are polite and use manners. I might have a little southern draaaaaaw in my accent, but I'm far from stupid!


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  • I totally agree with you the south does get a bad rap. I think its because they believe we are all incest morons since we have different views. I live in the country and most people think I live in a different planet

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      Yeah, I think we seem dumb because we don't try to speak a 1,000 words per minute. lol. I'd rather slow down and enjoy life, as opposed to the rat race of the big cities!

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      My thoughts exactly. The accent doesn't help, mine gets strong when I'm angry or excited about soemthing. But southern people are far from dumb