Girls, what do you think of guys (strangers) who make intense eye contact with you? Is it creepy or sexy?

is it intimidating? I really enjoy making eye contact with girls (strangers). it's fun to stare them into submission. I make sure they look away first. generally, the less dominant of the two will break eye contact before the other. I really get turned on when she's breaking eye contact downwards.

what do you think of guys who make intense eye contact with you? creepy? sexy? intimidating?

prettybrown: not a good idea to roll your eyes at a future rapist hahahaha...


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  • If he does something after the eye contact (i.e comes over and initiates conversation) then yeah - it's pretty sexy.

    But if we're talking a guy, stood, staring you out, and then never doing anything about it - then yeah - I find that pretty creepy. It always weirds me out when a guy does that to me.

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      mmhhh... such a cute and innocent looking face. I'd love to creep you out. by the way, it's impossible to approach every stranger I make eye contact with. most of the time I'm just trying to have fun/fight boredom (during a train ride for example).

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      Yeah - on a train - that would definitely be one of the creepier moments. One of those - I'll just get out of my seat and move to a different carriage kind of moment.