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Girls, what do you think of guys (strangers) who make intense eye contact with you? Is it creepy or sexy?

is it intimidating? I really enjoy making eye contact with girls (strangers). it's fun to stare them into submission. I make sure they look away... Show More

prettybrown: not a good idea to roll your eyes at a future rapist hahahaha...

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  • If he does something after the eye contact (i.e comes over and initiates conversation) then yeah - it's pretty sexy.

    But if we're talking a guy, stood, staring you out, and then never doing anything about it - then yeah - I find that pretty creepy. It always weirds me out when a guy does that to me.

    • mmhhh... such a cute and innocent looking face. I'd love to creep you out. by the way, it's impossible to approach every stranger I make eye contact with. most of the time I'm just trying to have fun/fight boredom (during a train ride for example).

    • Yeah - on a train - that would definitely be one of the creepier moments. One of those - I'll just get out of my seat and move to a different carriage kind of moment.

What Girls Said 14

  • It's unneverving and creepy. I remember this weird guy I went to school with did this, I just started rolling my eyes at him to let him know I think he's an idiot. No offense but you sound like a future serial killer/rapist. That guy reminded me of one too

  • Creepy id think he's got mental problems and avoid him

  • Creepy its better to look away then look back

  • I would probably stare you down as well because that's the kind of a girl I am. You stare, I stare back. I think my staring is more of a dirty look though, so I've been told.

    • mmmmm yeah babyyyy! ;-)

  • If your making intense eye contact at me with no other facial expression.. I'd be scared to say the least.. but something like that with a friendly/flirty smile - that's pretty sexy.

  • Depends how intense the eye contact is. If you're hot, then it's sexy, but if I don't find you attractive, it's creepy as hell

  • I had a couple guys do this and once I like went into a trance it was weird like I couldn't look away but most of the time I look away but it just makes me kind of nervous. I really doesn't matter if they smile or not

  • Its never happened but id find it strange and smirk

    • smirking equals provoking him. not really a good idea...

  • I make it a competition. I stare back until they give up, I usually win.

    • you only win against beta males. you'd never win against an alpha male. impossible.

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    • As for the actual question, if he's unattractive, I find it creepy. If the guy is attractive, it's quite fun.

    • whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • if the guy is cute or attractive (preferably sexy) , then it's a turn on. if not, then it's creepy and I'll look away scared haha

    • do you also look away if he's cute? how long do you hold his gaze?

    • yeah I don't stare for too long, can't do it lol sometimes I smile and look away but then other times I forget to

  • If he's a attractive it's sexy

    • and if he's not it's creepy?

    • In Kain's case it's creepy.

  • creepy

  • Creepy. Makes feel as if my boob is hanging out or my fly is open :o

    • O.O

    • =)

What Guys Said 6

  • I've tried this, and have received mixed results. Some girls really enjoy an intense gaze, then blush or look away with a little smile. Others are just plain indifferent and don't really care one way or another. Lastly, there are others that are actually freaked out by it. As for a flirting technique, I don't think it is particularly useful. Most girls aren't going to just walk up to you after making strong eye contact with them. You are better off locking eye contact and walking up ASAP and making the introduction yourself. Eye contact is good, but eye contact plus initiating is much better.

  • @ update: because that's not creepy...

  • Lol. You sound like this guy that kept staring at a female friend of mine.

    Eventually, she wanted me around when he showed up because he was so freaking creepy... just watching her. I swear, that kid was a inch from killing everyone in the school.

  • I do this a lot too. The fact that I look like a metalhead certainly helps too.

    One time this girl refused to back down, we stared for about a minute. She had this defiant look on her face etc. So eventually I scrunched up my nose and made pig snorting noises, she burst out laughing then invited me to sit next to her.

  • I LOL'd at your response to Prettybrown

  • If you are good looking then you would never be a creep for girls

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