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Girlfriend wants me to carry her in my arms?

I'm 6'5" and she is 5'4". I used to carry her a lot when we would kiss, but now my girlfriend always wants me to carry her. She wants me to carry her... Show More

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  • It's a bit weird yes - almost too needy. Wanting to be carried to bed instead of being left to sleep on a couch isn't strange in and of itself. I mean, I would prefer it if my guy cared enough to want me to be comfortable in bed with a proper pillow and blanket.

    But for her to cry and actually request it every time is odd.

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  • Sometimes girls need a fatherly figure. They tend to want someone to always be there protecting them. Girls look to their boyfriends or husbands to protect them in this way I guess. But if she's starting to cry, I guess that's a bit overboard. Her dad must of babied her when she was growing up. Dad's tend to treat their girls like 'little girls' even when they're grown. Maybe that's the reason. But you'll have to talk to her to get her to stop I guess.

  • DADDY ISSUES! hahahaa :p

    hmmm... I can see the appeal in being carried that way... but her need for it seems a bit disturbing... why don't you ask her why she expects to be carried that way? I guess it comforts her, makes her feel protected.

    • *carries you... but fails and drops you* o.o

    • THANKS!

  • Damn.. Well maybe she finds comfort I'm that, try talking to her about that

  • she seem to be really needy

    crying over that? for god sake!

  • roflmfao @ "Is something wrong with her?" LOL! Yes, I'm sorry, but I think there is definitely something wrong with that girl! It's nice to be carried in a man's arms, makes you feel like a princes lol, but getting sad and crying over it? WHAT THE HELL! then expecting you to carry her to bed like a damn 5 year old every time she falls asleep! sounds like daddy issues to me! Ask her wtf is up with that and let us know!

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