Why are women of today so materialistic and can be so mean?

I have lost over 26000 dollars on so called internet dating sites. Women require you to verify, which is a scam as I never heard back from any of them, just paid out money. Never actually met anyone. Bit sexist the way men are portrayed as being abusive, etc, when women can take a blokes money by lieing, deceiving and basic unscrupulous behavior and the so called administration always takes the womens view. Why are the women of today like that?, materialistic, heartless. They say there are no good men left anywhere, well there's one here who has been screwed over big time and its true men that are bad, yeah right. OTHER MEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU


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  • Okay, you should have just used the free dating sites. There are SO many of them. Secondly, this is no reflection on women-- your inability to control your wallet and make wise purchasing choices isn't anyones fault :/

    "Bit sexist the way men are portayed as being abusive, etc"

    Okay, I think we can all see why some men are seen as abusive- with high violent crime rates going from men to women, it's not entirely unreasonable to be on guard. If I wasn't at least a little skeptical about people in general, it would be a stupid and possibly dangerous idea. Be wary of harm and avoid it, that's the rule.

    and you're saying how all men are seen as bad while portraying all women as bad lol. I mean... I hate to state the irony, but... :P

    I'm sorry you haven't had luck, but when you pay for a service that doesn't promise you results, that's really not anyones fault.

    If you speant as much as you did, I would contact the website and let them know how poorly their website has worked for you.