Why is he staring? Why do you stare? What does it all mean?

Ok, so this guy will full out stares at me! We hold eye contact and then I look away and then look back (I get nervous) and he's still looking then I look away for a final time and eventually he'll stop. Or well be walking by each other and hold eye contact until we pass each other. When we talk (normal small talk or he says hey first and then I say hi back) he holds eye contact. The thing is he initiates it every time and its been going on for like 4 years! Why does he keep staring? Why does he look directly into my eyes? Also, why has it been going on for so many years?

He's nice and all, but I wouldn't say that I like him (I really don't know him) I would like too, but I don't know how to initiate anything. I just want to know what all this means so if anyone could please help me out! I was also wondering why do you stare at someone? I glance at people, but I'm not confident enough to fully stare! Thanks for all you help!:)


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  • It means he is attracted and a confident individual. If you like him, it wouldn't hurt to ask a little more about him, if he talks, he is definitely into you, if he clams up, then he probably isn't.


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  • He's shy but he toooooooooootally thinks you're cute.