Do guys like a flat butt?

I know men like a flat butt over a fat butt but what about a flat butt over a toned butt. is a flat butt still preferable?


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  • It depends on how nice her legs are. My troll detector is beeping like crazy, not sure why... ;)


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  • It depends on the individual, but I would imagine that toned wins out overall between the three.

  • I like big butts

  • No way...


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  • It depends on the culture.

    White guys tend to like flat butts as do white girls(they tend to aim for that).

    Black and Hispanic guys tend to like big or fat asses and the girls tend to pride themselves in that. A lot of black or Hispanic girls who are thin with flat asses get made fun of the same way white girls and guys call anyone who isn't thin fat.

    Your best bet is with white guys.

    • You make a lot of sense I don't think we are wired to like flat butts. . . although we all have our own taste. . and it depends if we're just focused on the physical, because I think that we can overlook at things when deeper feelings are involved.

    • lol @ trying to appear deep. Guys are guys regardless of race. When you first look at someone you don't love them or know them

  • nope they like big butts. everyone knows this.

    • indeed I don't remember ever saying me liking flaties, but big toned ones. . . or just toned ones without too much volume. . .

    • Oh come on, as much as I have seen men hit on women with flat butts or either flat boobs, I really don't think that is true at all.

  • Yeah some guys dig boons more then butt and others like butt more then boobs