Why are women so hard to get along with

As a 22 year old male I have no female friends nor do I want any (most women are backstabbers) I only care about my female family members and my girlfriend most women are mean why are women so hard to get along with


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  • i think it may have to do with hormones and insecurities :)

    i agree though, its very hard to get along with women, which is why most of my friends are guys lol


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  • That's not true maybe because the problem is in you not with them.

  • lol well that's just your preference. I am the same way with straight men. for whatever reason, I've never had straight male friends. at least not real friends. usually guys only talk to me when theyre interested in me romantically or sexually so that doesn't leave much room for friendship. guys are very like into their "brotherhood" I guess ha ha I know a lot of guys who pride themselves on not having female friends. well, if you think that's part of what makes you a manly man, then why would you want women as friends? not that this is your situation, but I'm just giving an example.

    its not a man/woman thing though because I have several close gay male friends. theyre men. I think its the way society conditions men and women to interact within their groups and with one another, the differing ideals of femininty and masculinity, the traits that we adopt that we are taught are for men and for women, etc. gay men half of time just say "f*** society" and go their own way, and sometimes that's a direction which is more closely related to the way women are socialized. also there's no sexual agenda with them, so their feelings and egos aren't as wrapped up in little things. over the years I've noticed that straight men are INCREDIBLY sensitive and insecure, just masked beneath a superficial veneer. its very unattractive but understandable considering societys demands. the smallest negative comment or reaction from a girl he may actually be interested in, but is trying to be "friends" with is likely to send him on an irrational path of "what a f***ing bitch." its very common. that's one of many reasons I don't have straight male friends. I have no problem with my gay male friends though. I love them and a couple of my life long besties are gay men.

    to each is own. you don't have to be friends with everyone.


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  • I probably have a pretty even split of male and female friends. I wouldn't call my female friends mean or back stabbing, but I can see what you mean from my female coworkers. To be fair though, I know a handful of guys who are equally difficult.

  • I have female acquaintances but no female friends. I don't know about the whole backstabbing deal as I literally never had female friends. They just think too differently and I can not imagine hanging out with a chick as I would hang out with one of my buds. Maybe if I found a girl that was into video games/ nerdy sh*t, guns, motorcycles, or cars I might change my view but I have yet to meet a girl like that.

  • only women I get along with are tom boys and older gals. They are usually honest and more stable emotionally. But I'm with you a lot of the other girls are full of stupid drama and gossip and backstabbing crap. All of it is a complete waste of time, talking and talking for hours and doing nothing but bad mouthing other people. Not interested.

  • They have their own weird logic... at times rational but at times completely bonkers. I just make sure to not take it to seriously. If they are getting on my nerves I sorta just tell them to f*** off or straight up you are annoying me. Usually a direct approach gets their attention a lot easier than other ways.