Why do some women give me dirty looks for no reason?

Like I'd be sitting waiting for a bus and I'd just look in their direction for like 2 seconds and almost instantly they'd fold there arms and give me a dirty look and keep eying me back and forth.

Some women will go like pfff when the walk past me only one has ever said eww

How can I make this stop I'm not evening looking or staring at these women it's just if I look in their general direction for no longer than 2 seconds

So it's not enough to be ugly you have to be insulted by strangers as well -_-

and it's not like I'm overweight or have bad hygiene or anything apparently I have a innocent face.


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  • They probably just think that you're checking them out. Just ignore it. There's nothing you can do to stop it except ignore them.


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  • Yeah sounds like they think you are checking them out to me as well.


What Guys Said 1

  • You're leering.

    You might not think it, but you are. Or you might know you are, but thinking you're way too subtle to be noticed, but you're not.

    • So if a woman looks in a guys direction she can be looking at something else but when a guy does it he must be leering -_-.

      by the way I'm too busy noticing their face to be leering

    • Fine. Pretend it isn't happening. That's your business.

    • Why would I pretend... I know what I'm looking at and thinking unless you were there you can't act like your know what my eyes are doing.