My friend Has Schizophrenia and is seeing a person that's not real. What do it do?

My friend had Schizophrenia and he is seeing this girl that he has been seeing for quite some time.. He doesn't know how to stop it and doesn't know how to ignore it.. He is on medicine and goes to a therapist.. It is about to hurt our relationship... someone helpme.. Give me some advice on how to stop it of how to help him ignore it


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  • Does he want it to stop? First and foremost, I mean, is this a disturbing experience for him?

    I've got Schizophrenia, and I talk to things that aren't there. I quite like that, I enjoy that part of the schizophrenia. That's like, the fun bit, ahaha. But there are some things that are extremely disturbing and scary, especially when you can't stop them, so I can see how this could be either really good or extremely, extremely bad.

    I have more to say, depending on the answer, by the way. It's not rhetorical.

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      yes he wants it to stop it is very disturbing for him... He can't be with anyone because of this girl that he has been seeing.. I don't know what to do I just need to help him.. He is my life right now

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      I don't really understand... And this is caused by her? What's the connection?

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      I don't know... He just started seeing her when he was in eighth grade at a party.. Yes this not being able to be with anyone like relationship wise... This is all caused by her...