What do guys think of when they stare at a women's behind?

I never understood it...What exactly are they looking for?


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    • lol I know you wouldn't ;)

    • I didn't do that bro... blame the viewers. Don't hate the playa hate the site ;)

    • wtf is with the thumbs down? it's exactly what we think.

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  • whenever a male see's something arousing. It releases a feel good chemical called epinephrine. Which gives you a chemical high. Which is why guys love hot girls and are addicted to eye candy.

  • I just look because it's fun and I don't really think much actually lol ;p

  • i check out a lot of girls , more out of boredom than anything else . it can be sexual but not always , sometimes I'm just admiring there sexy body but not necessary thinking about having sex with them .

    i'm really not that into anal sex anyways if your wondering

  • It's hypnotic and mesmerizing ;)

  • It's a subliminal fertility check for men...also it wiggles, jiggles and shakes. and it's kinda hypnotic =)

    • I think he's saying he sweats a lot.

    • LOL OK buddy gotta see that to believe it

    • Hot AND steamy or just hot? Cause I can easily permeate the air with humidity. ;-)

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  • "hmm I wonder how firm it is"


    • LOL

  • How badly I want to tap it.

    • You're walking in to them today man, hahaha.

    • loool

  • A peachy butt represents fertility. Humans constantly subconsciously look for signs of fertility, since reproduction is pretty much our sole purpose as a species.

  • I can't tell you. You're not old enough.

    • ok

    • I'm not saying she's right and I'm not saying she's wrong, but if you want to hire a psychic who can read minds, you might want to try 99Problems.

    • I'm not saying she's right and I'm not saying I'm wrong, but if you're looking to hire a psychic who can read thoughts, you might try 99problems.

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  • No idea. It's just a maternal instinct.

    • LOL

    • im going anon. lol

    • lol

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What Girls Said 3

  • "i want to f*** the sh*t out of that ass!" probably something like this...

    • Your right about that !

    • xD ;)

  • Nice touch...the innocent white rose beside the "why do men stare at women's butt's" question. LMAO! Good one!

    • LOL I know right ahahahahah ;)

  • lmfao!

    • LOL

    • yeah :P

    • just popping into see the answers.I'm pretty sure it has to do with um...getting some.