Does she like me?

Here are some things she does 1-She stares at me a lot but she never says anything. 2-she can talk with her friends loudly and outgoing but when I'm around shell get all quiet and stop talking. 3-Some days when I'm around shell leave avoid me 4-Other days shell practically stop in the hall and... Show More

Hey I would really like to thank everybody that has been viewing this question and I really apreciate it when you share your advice with me and others that view this site that might also have the same situation I'm in. THANK YOU ALL

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  • Oh, man, she is INTO YOU...100%. I am now at this stage. I am really into this guy, but problem is I kinda don't know is he single and I can't really figure out does he likes me (too many mixed signals). And we are just passing each other every day and we can say only "Hi". Then my eyes are looking down the floor (I just can't controle myself to look up), my knees become shaky and my heart is beating twice as faster, but when I am arround my male friends I act normaly, smile, joking and so on, but when HE is arround I can't even swallow IN I am. When I am unsecure I just avoid or ignore him and do about the same things you described. One day I just caught myself, that I am staring all the time at him and started to feel myself as stalker, cause he always catched my staring, and I never catched his. Then I thought, not to make fool out of myself, I started to ignore him and guess what, after four days I started to catch his starings and then I was so confused I couldn't even answer with smile and I think I kinda pissed him off with my attitude, cause next day he started to avoid me. Now I am so confused and tiered from all this, I am considering just to let it go...

    • Hey I was wondering how it's going with you and the guy you seem like you really like him, and also as the guys defence I will avoid the girl I like a lot if I don't see her looking at me after awhile but I promise that it's impossible 2 ignore some1 you have such strong feelings for your eyes will slide over 2 him whether you see him looking at you or not and vice versa when a guy ignores you and you know he's ignoring you its a sign that he thinks about you alot.

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    • And then I had a feeling he is into me and I took courage to ask him, is he staring because I stare or for other reasons. He didn't gave me a straight answer but asked out to talk about it and then backed off...with We'll keep in touch. So I was, what da Hell???!!! The thing with shy people (not that I'm very outgoing, just bit straightforward) is that they are very confusing, so that's why sometimes it's hard to distinguish weather they are into you or not...

    • But you can't be very pushy with them, cause they won't open up for you, they will be always suspicious about your aggressivness (What does he want from me?). You have to aproach them very slowly and lightly. As for me, I'm so nervous as it is, if I like a guy and when also along with coversation I have to think am I too pushy or's hard... I suggest you to start act just friendly, without asking her out or flirting heavy. Take easy and be patient, if you're still into her.