Does she like me?

Here are some things she does

1-She stares at me a lot but she never says anything.

2-she can talk with her friends loudly and outgoing but when I'm around shell get all quiet and stop talking.

3-Some days when I'm around shell leave avoid me

4-Other days shell practically stop in the hall and look me right in the eyes after that she came back with her friends and looked at me again and then when the bell rang and when she was looking at me as I was walking by her and I wasnt looking at her my friend said when I passed her she glared at me like rank.

-5somedays shell stare at me for a really long time when she was sitting with her friend she was leaning off the bench looking at me.

-6She has no trouble talking with any other guy shell tease them and hang around with them.

-7When I walk passed her my friend said she smiled and she always looks at my face whenever she sees me.

if she is with a lot of guy friends and teases them and hugs them but does all this completely different actions towards me does she like me.?

-8Other days shell ignore me and not look at me

-9 she seems to hang around a few of my guy friends but she never did until I was friends with them.

-10 two of her friends will look back at me and giggle when she isn't with them.

-11Shell give me head turns second looks gets mad if I don't look at her stares every kind of look.

-12if I'm on a bench when she talks with her friend group she always has her back towards me.

-13When I was with my friend group she came and sat on the bench so she could see my face.

Hey I would really like to thank everybody that has been viewing this question and I really apreciate it when you share your advice with me and others that view this site that might also have the same situation I'm in. THANK YOU ALL


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  • Oh, man, she is INTO YOU...100%. I am now at this stage. I am really into this guy, but problem is I kinda don't know is he single and I can't really figure out does he likes me (too many mixed signals). And we are just passing each other every day and we can say only "Hi". Then my eyes are looking down the floor (I just can't controle myself to look up), my knees become shaky and my heart is beating twice as faster, but when I am arround my male friends I act normaly, smile, joking and so on, but when HE is arround I can't even swallow IN I am. When I am unsecure I just avoid or ignore him and do about the same things you described. One day I just caught myself, that I am staring all the time at him and started to feel myself as stalker, cause he always catched my staring, and I never catched his. Then I thought, not to make fool out of myself, I started to ignore him and guess what, after four days I started to catch his starings and then I was so confused I couldn't even answer with smile and I think I kinda pissed him off with my attitude, cause next day he started to avoid me. Now I am so confused and tiered from all this, I am considering just to let it go...

    • Hey I was wondering how it's going with you and the guy you seem like you really like him, and also as the guys defence I will avoid the girl I like a lot if I don't see her looking at me after awhile but I promise that it's impossible 2 ignore some1 you have such strong feelings for your eyes will slide over 2 him whether you see him looking at you or not and vice versa when a guy ignores you and you know he's ignoring you its a sign that he thinks about you alot.

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    • And then I had a feeling he is into me and I took courage to ask him, is he staring because I stare or for other reasons. He didn't gave me a straight answer but asked out to talk about it and then backed off...with We'll keep in touch. So I was, what da Hell???!!! The thing with shy people (not that I'm very outgoing, just bit straightforward) is that they are very confusing, so that's why sometimes it's hard to distinguish weather they are into you or not...

    • But you can't be very pushy with them, cause they won't open up for you, they will be always suspicious about your aggressivness (What does he want from me?). You have to aproach them very slowly and lightly. As for me, I'm so nervous as it is, if I like a guy and when also along with coversation I have to think am I too pushy or's hard... I suggest you to start act just friendly, without asking her out or flirting heavy. Take easy and be patient, if you're still into her.

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  • She likes you a lot. This is the exact way I act around the guy I like. I'm not a shy person in general but whenever I like a guy, I get really shy. She has it really really bad. She can't stand to look you in the eyes because it makes her feel vulnerable. She thinks that if she lets you look into her eyes you are going to see how much she likes you. She's not nervous around other guys because she doesn't like them as anything more than a friend. She doesn't think you like her back if she's glaring at you sometimes. She probably gets so nervous around you that she just can't stand to be near you. She's waiting for you to show interest in her. She wants you to hold eye contact and give her some sort of a sign that you like her. This girl probably thinks about you every second of the day. And if she is blushing too she most definitely is head of over heels for you.

    • About a week ago she's been going through phases of too much eye contact and now this week she's doing too much avoided eye contact. Even when she passes me in the halls she can't seem to keep her head up is she hiding her eyes from me on purpose or what? PLEASE help me out if things change monday ill tell you how she's acting.I really would appreciate your advice I hope its not a burden on you thanks.

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    • She's beginnig to try and become friends with my close friends is she trying 2 get closer to me? and from all that I've explained and considering you say your a lot like this girl in the ways that you act towards the guy you like would you say that ide have a good chance with her even though we haven't spoken to eachother?.

    • She could be trying to get closer to you by getting to know your friends but she may not be. She may just like and want to be friends with your friends because she just likes them. Your best bet is to just talk to her. Start the conversation about school and then it will be easier to go into other topics.

  • yeah I think she likes you!

    I do that alot... unfortunately. kinda send mixed signals. If I'm feeling insecure, I'll try to hide that I like my guy-friend. like I won't even look, or talk to him. but other times, if I'm confident about his feelings for me, like after he talks to me a bunch online or something, I have no problem being bold and staring.

    anyways, point is, I say she definetely likes you

  • Okay. I was that girl at one point. She DOES like you. Period.

    I worked with a guy, who I crushed on, and I did the same thing. Sometimes I would flirt with him and other times I would ignore him. It is a weird game. Flirt with her. All the thing you mentioned that she does I did and I like him A LOT!

  • well thts an obvious yes

  • it sounds like it :) I'm taking that she's looking at you alot, and at times gets nervous and looks away. I'm always guessing that she is trying to either show off when your around by acting "popular" and hugging other guys or just too shy to talk to you.

    i have to ask though, do you like her?

    hope this helps :)

  • She likes you! That girl has a crush on you...and if you like her aswell I think its okay to make a move on her. But don't come off strong because she might think you think she's easy.

  • this is the way I act around the guy I like, he's a junior, I'm a act like I'm avoiding him sometimes haha...but it''s tearing me apart whether or not he even cares, I wish he would talk to me...for some reason you are describing the EXACT things I do around the guy I like haha, everything your saying is like the same except our school doesn't have a bell haha

    so yea she totally likes you (I promise you that she wants you to talk to her, and you should if you like her)

    and now (if you don't mind) I have a question for you

    how would you act if you found out a girl liked you? would you go talk to her or what?

    • Nobody actually told me she likes me the only thing I have to go on are the signs she's showing me we don't talk to each other but lately she has been trying to hang around a close friend of mine because I'm always around him so she sees that and I guess that would give her an excuse to be around for your questionYah I would talk to her if I found out it's just she never told her friends to tell me.And on the days she ignores me it makes me think she doesn't like me.

    • Do you live in north carolina lol? you totally seem like the guy that I like.....I pay attention to little things that he does and you talk just like him and stuff.....and also I've been hanging around the close guy friend of the guy I like recently (but, he likes me and stuff and asked me out like 10 times ha so it gets awkward) Are you a junior by any chance?......I think your him for some strange strange reason......oh yea but I think you should talk to to her:)

  • you know what ?!...

    me and my friends used to do that with this guy I have a crush on, I' m really into him.

    and I can figure it out that he too is into me !

    he didn't make the first move yet, but really I wish he would do it as soon as possible before I get over him ! LOL ...

    really ignoring all her subtle hints for long; and it is different form one to another how long is too long !...she might just leave and search for that guy who is brave enough to tell her that he likes.

    u 'd better brave up "man up" and make your move, there is never anything to lose.

    if she wouldn't be your girlfriend " but I bet the girl is into you, believe me", you would win her as a friend.

    GOOD LUCK =)

  • Yeah she likes you, she's obiously shy though sos satrt talking to her. And shell probably loosen up around you and avoid you soo much.

  • i think she's just nervous, I'm kinda like her actually I have plenty of guy friends that ill aimlessly flirt with, but I can't breathe when I'm around the guy I like. I alwyss thik of doing something, but I dont. I think the friends thing is a definate sign, I love talking to my crushes friends, sometimes things slip out, lol. and I have no problem flirting with his friends, I think if a girl treats you differently that she treats other guys she likes you, unless she completely ignores you.

  • I only read the first 7 and I knew by the first 2 that she's def into you. there's no doubt. she's quiet because she's afraid of being stalkerish. this is def signs of a big time crush. if y ou like her too approach her. she''ll go crazy

  • She has a huge crush on you. She is head over heals in love with you.

    • A week ago I started talking to my friend on his web page and I noticed the girl that likes me left a comment about 7 weeks ago.anyways the day I started talking 2 him she did 2 and now she told him that she wants 2 start hanging out but she had nothing 2 say 2 him since I started talking and at highschool yesterday she completly ignored me she didn't look at me at all so is she trying 2 make me jealous by hanging out with my friend.

    • Maybe. or she isn't sure if sshe likes you. try talking to her more.

  • Yes

  • OMG! she has a major crush on you. I do that to guys all the time but they never take the hint. Congrats on noticing; she probably doesn't know how you feel towards her so she is acting like that

  • she's probablly just friends with the other guys too. that's why they don't intimidate her. think she like you. I've acted the same way before. it's probably killing her not talking to you, but she's too shy and doesn't know what to say. and you're probably hot, so that may be intimidating for her.

    • So do you think if I tried speaking 2 her when she's alone shell talk 2 me I never thought of it that way because every guy she hugs seem 2 look nothing like me and when I usually see her with those guys shell still look at me I just don't get her she is a beautiful girl its hard for me 2 think shed be intimated by me

    • Sometimes girls are like that. the one they like it's hard to talk to. she may talk to you if you go up to her. but she might be so nervous. she's probably afraid she'll say something dumb and make herself look stupid. jus t try to ease yourself into her circleof friends and sit at lunch with them and stuff and maybe she'll ease up a little around you and then you can start getting to know each other better.

  • she does most likely have a crush on you. She probably doesn't know how to present herself to you without doing what she does. If she is close enough say hi.

  • She definately likes you. She's probably insecure because you're probably really good looking and she might think she's not. The same thing is happening to me with this one guy... it's killing me.. cause I don't know if he likes me or not. What would you do if the girl that is behaving like how you describe is not really pretty and you don't like her? I've caught him staring at me b4 but I don't know if it's just my imagination We past by each other and I know he's ignoring me cause I know he at least thinks I might like him but I don't know what to do about him. I actually added him on myspace omg that was a hard decision lol I said thanx 4 accepting the request and all he said was no problem that's all! what does this mean.. I said happy b-day to him and he didn't even say anything back does this mean he doesn't like me? by the way, his b-day is march 16 and mines is march 15 lol how kool is that. Damn but yeah please give me some advice. I would really appreciate it.

    • Man I got da same problem nd he a senior nd gets out early any thoughts of what I should do before he leaves?

  • yup! she definitely likes you!

    • Shes starting 2 talk with my close friends I normally hang around with is she trying 2 get closer 2 me so that I talk 2 her and why does she ignore me somedays but look at me every time she sees me on other days?.

    • It's not easy to talk to the guy you like sometimes... so don't think she ignores u.. just try to talk to her, we usually don't like to be the first to talk..... I don't know that's just how I think :) and yes we often play hard to get.. haha so don't stress out.. the question here is.. do you like her?? if you do.. try to be her friend.. and talk to her

  • 40% I am sure that she likes you!

  • yes she definitly likes you but is afraid that you don't like her. you should give little hints and make the first move because maybe she is a little shy around youu

  • basically she likes you ALOT! she obviously trying to play it cool as she doesn't want 2 seem clingy. all these signs are a dead give away she's really into u. hope this helps :D

  • yes she like you, but she's shy. So, since you are the guy/man/boy/whatever, like the old traditional way, why don't you go up to her first? or sayyyy talk to her first? You know us girls, we hardly go to guys or do the first move just because that's the way it has always been ever since :)

  • this girl totally is in love with you all the signs are there ...take it from a girl herself ...we do tht stuff intensioally...most of the time when we try to avoid you we are trying to see if ull look at us to try and see if you like us back. sometimes we kno you are looking when we hug guy friends its to make you jealous...u don't kno if rly like the person until you get a little jealous...if she talks to ur guy friends she's most likely trying to get to kno you without talking directly to you herself or shell have friends talk to you for her...when her friends look bac and giggle at you they kno something you don't and want to see if ull try to ask them wats up...when we get mad that you don't look back when we look its becaus ewe want ur attention and don't want you to single us out...we tend to put our back to you because we don't want to look at you then and want to make it mysterious...

    i hope I helped

  • Oh my god! How do you not know that she likes you? How much more obvious does she need to make it? She's totally into you.

  • Dude she is so in love with you a little annoyed with you but she really likes you

  • Yeah I think she likes you. I do pretty much the same thing when I like a guy.

  • She TOTALLY digs you man! She can joke around with other guys, but not with you. She's trying to get your friends to approve of her. And a girl doesn't just constantly look at you if you're nothing to loook at. Go for her!

    • So the days that she avoids looking at me is she just doing that 2 make me notice her more.

  • awh, these are all sure signs that she likes you! I do a lot of these things as well, I'm a pretty shy person but around my friends and guy friends I'm pretty outgoing.

  • it seems that she like you a lot

  • In my opinion, I think this girl is a psycho or has a multiple personality disorder. I really doubt she likes you if she's glaring at you.

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  • Dude I haven't read every single one of these hints but I can tell you without a doubt she frickin likes you.

    If a girl stares at you, you know it's on. When she laughs with her friends around you, it's on, it's not that you have a booger on your face. When she talks to other guys and laughs and plays and what not and you sense that it's a show, it is.

    Seems to me she's just giving you the cue to make the first move. I know it sucks to do it, but it's just the way it is. And if this girl likes you, man don't let this chance go by, get to know her. If it fails, so what? You tried didn't you. And if it works out? And she happens to become your girlfriend, lover and wife. That's just all dandy ain't it.


  • from what I hear it seems ilke she totally likes you

  • Damn...nice observation skills. Its obvious she likes you.


    Dude man! there's this one nerdy girl at my college that does EVERY SINGLE THING THAT YOU DESCRIBE HERE TO ME. Wish I could help man.

    I definitely feel your trouble because this nerdy have got me pondering about her for two years now and even after all the mixed signals (from everyday staring to avoiding me) I can't get her off my mind.

    *Sorry man I'm in the exact same boat so I can't help you because I can't even help myself.


    • Hey man it's nice to know that I have something in common with a user on thise site lol it's one thing 2 give advice but to know that there are other's that are going through what I'm going through is just cool in a way. Lol as for an update she's been trying to make friends with my friends so she can get closer to me and it shows me that she's really interested in me because until she seen me hang out with those guys she's had nothing to do with them. If you wish it ill continue 2 update you.

    • Yeah, I'll definitely would to know more. Well for my case I think it's over but the thinng is... she and her friends still looks at me awkwardly which I don't understand why..

  • dude she likes you