Why do women get excited/aroused when we men lose our temper?

i always have noticed this. every time I get angry at someone till the point I wanna kick that person's ass chicks who are around always get turned and always end up approaching me with full interest. like today was a good example; at work(I work at a little convenience store in a bad neighborhood) I caught a guy stealing and I switch to rage mode and confronted his ass, he tried to deny he was stealing but I was positive all the way that he was stealing as I saw him with my own eyes trying to put a can of soda in his jacket on the download. him denying it made me more angry that I grappled him and I was shouting "if your not stealing! then why you are hesitating to show was in your pocket?". then I ended up causing a scene as all the customers where watching. then he decided to admit he was trying to steal the can of soda, and this outraged me a lot more and he jetted out the store as I through a glass bottle at his ass. after that, all the customers that where chicks were excited towards me like I was a celebrity or something. why? why do women get turned when we men act a fool like this?

another time was also at work when I lost my temper with my ex over the phone. I was talking reckless and shouting out curses. at that moment, the hottest chick in the block was in the store(all the guys in the neighborhood were dying for her) and I was always invisible to her but this time as I was spitting fire she was drooling at me. she even walked up to me smiling as this was happening, 3 days later she came in flirting with me and all.


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  • As long as he is NOT yelling at me...yes,i think its super attractive.It just shows that he is not a cuckhold or a jelly backed man as my mum used to say.It shows that he can stand up for himself.There is nothing more unattractive then a guy who allows someone else to run over them.

    I once had a crush on a bartender at a club I frequent.One night,he got into an incident with a customer.The customer slapped him and the next thing I knew,the bartender had wiped the votive candles off the bar,hot wax flying everywhere DARING him to hit again...because he was going to kick the sh*te out of the dude. Now,im not into violence,but the fact that he was relentless and aggressive in the situation automatically upped his attractiveness.So much so that I asked him out a couple of weeks later.I KID YOU NOT.

    Also,somewhere within me,i would be feel that if we were dating (hypothetically) and someone decided to cross some serious lines...he would be able to protect me. Truthfully,i can take care of myself,but its nice to know a guy has the ability to step in and set somebody straight.Scrumptious.

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      so it has to do with being a alpha male after all

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      reminds me of the ending in that King Kong sequel that came out in 1986

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      Exactly. :)

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  • Because they think you'd make a good lap dog.

    barbarossaaaa explains it perfectly - link

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      the damn true!

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      Beware the female manipulator, friend. Be vigilant.