Girls why do you like to touch our shoulders and our chest a lot?

I just notice with my girlfriend when I give her a warm sort of cuddle hug or when we sleep together she always touches my chest and shoulders. I don't mind I just want to know why its so frequent in displays of affection


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  • u single and I like daydream being with the guy I like and touching his chest and shoulders/arms! ha ha I guess its a mental automated sign women portray when they really like a man!

    i don't know when I think of a hunky masculine man, I imagine being all wrapped up in his arms, and the shoulder and chest are the main features or symbols of his strength/manliness.

    its like boobs and ass and eyes for men when they feel attracted to a woman, but for us, we like shoulders, arms, hands and chest/torso.


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  • where would you like us to touch..?

  • 2 be honest...i like to hear the sound of their heart and the feel of their skin against mine. to be close and to feel not only him protecting mi but mi protecting him and that would never want anything bad to happen and hopefully he can feel the love and warmth of mi. usually a mans body is a beautiful thing and those moments should be cherished.

  • We feel protected and want to let him know how manly we think he is. It is our way of showing appreciation of a man's body, and also, that is just a way for us to be modestly intimate.

  • Girls touch guys shoulders and chest because it makes them feel secure and that you won't leave

  • The wide chest and shoulders are signs of masculinity and strength.

    I don't know but I guess the girl feels more close to the man and protected and safe when she touches his chest. And we think this is romantic and shows you how we are attracted to you and love you and this makes you feel more manly. :)

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  • I love when girls touch my chest