If a girl smirks/half smiles is that a good thing?

Talking to this girl and she seems interested in what I'm saying but instead of smiling when appropriate she has this constant half smile on her face where she looks ready to smile or even laugh maybe. Can you visualize what I'm saying? Can't tell if she likes me because she really doesn't flirt other than that constant smirk and seemingly being happy around me.

She will laugh at my jokes but I figured that wouldn't be a good sign because people usually laugh at jokes right? She maintains good eye contact at a comfortable distance but I have noticed that when sitting closer to her she won't look at my eyes very long. Other than that she just seems nice, comes up to talk to me and spends time with me


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  • Seems to be flirty, cos I smirk to the guys I'm interested in a lot ;)

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      Sounds like she is interested in you, ask her out in groups and you will see may be she is not as shy ;)