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Do guys like gamer girls/nerdy girls?

which do guys prefer; a stylish, off-beat girl or a girl that's hot but whose idea of perfect night is grinding to ke$ha Chris brown mash ups in... Show More

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  • yah I love girl/nerdy girls. I want me one lol, the last time I saw a group of gamer/nerdy girls was in high school. and that was ages ago, now I'm in the working field, I can't find any :/

    • they exist in post high school/college, they've just starting dressing better:)

    • oh okay

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  • i sure do, a girl like you, I'd love to take you on a date to San Diego Comic-Con

  • Nerdy girls personally because the conversations flow so naturally with them. With the hot club chicks, you can only talk about life and what she did last weekend. However, I ask that she be outgoing a little and is at least average.

    • average looking or average intelligence?

    • average looking.

  • I would like a nerdy girl...cauz I'm a super-nerd myself. :)I also like to go "out', and I will admit that I like drinking (I'm a sociable loud drunk)...so if she's a partying type as well, then that's even better. :)

  • It would depend on the guy, all guys are different! Me however would prefer the nerdy or gamer girl, they are normally ones you can have a good conservation with, plus going to clubs isn't my thing.

  • The fun girl!

  • I've been looking for a nerdy girl but I don't know where they hide :/ Well there's a few walking around in my lab but I don't know if they play video games lol.

    • ask them! lol

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    • nopee, but that's cause my laptop is f***ed. hopefully I'll get it fixed soon:)

    • Lol I meant that's what it would sound like asking one of the girls on my floor

  • I like nerdy gamer girls I think they are awesome

  • absolutely!

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