Why do guys rub girl's tummy?

What does it mean? It feels nice though... kind of comforting. Like they care about the girl in a way. :)


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  • A lot of guys like to run the woman's tummy, including myself. First of all most women's tummy is silky soft and it's so close to some of the best parts. It also shows a man that you trust them enough to be touching such a vulnerable area. And in the back of all men's minds we know what that tummy is capable of, and that is amazing.

    • "In the back of all men's minds we know what that tummy is capable of, and that is amazing." That was probably the cutest/sweetest description of a woman's tummy...

    • Well, thank you.

    • I agree with FASTERonfire that was beautiful!!

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  • Because when a guy likes you, he wants to touch you. And while he'd probably rather grab your boobs or butt, he knows that you might react negatively. Your stomach is safer, and if you let him, and even more if you like his hands on you, that may lead to more. That's what he's hoping anyway.

    Now, if it's your BF, then he's just trying to hold and touch and comfort you without being overtly sexual.

  • we are checking if there is a baby in there. we don't like life changing surprises you know.

  • It gets her used to our touch which means it'll be a whole lot easer to take that rubbing action up a little bit or down a little bit! ;-)


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  • He thinks your pregnant... lol I'm just joking maybe it is a sign of affection.

  • Its cute it shows they care and it feels good 😋

  • im ticklish :( fail.