List 10 signs or reasons He/She is a total Psycho..?

Give me 10 signs why you think your Girlfriend or boyfriend or ex is a psycho. 10 reasons would be great.


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  • 1. Wanting to contact you every single day.

    2. Wanting to know every shred of your personal business.

    3. Calling you a p**** if you complain while you've cared and listened to them.

    4. Lying when the truth is right in front of you.

    5. Bending reality and placing the blame on you when she's guilty of whatever it is.

    6. Lots of yelling and implying she'd like to engage in a physical fight.

    7. You notice her friends don't like you and talk sh*t because she talks sh*t about you.

    8. Ignoring you and/or throwing you to curb, but becomes angry when you don't come back.

    9. If you do try to go back, she's annoyed you're there.

    10. Implying she wants you to die or outright tells you that.

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      Hahaha yeah that seems like a psycho to most of us..