Why do ugly women reject attractive guys at clubs?

Im a pretty attractive guy, I'm not some hot guy, but I'm definitely not average looking or ugly. Every once in a while I get asked if I do modeling or get suggested that I should for example. I go clubbing, and I have been rejected by ugly women. It blows my mind. why do ugly women reject a guy... Show More

*Even though the title is talking about attractive guys getting rejected, theyre also rejecting average looking guys. This too is mind blowing. they should be accepting any guy who isn't disgusting.

Most Helpful Guy

  • The girl in question vastly overrates her own attractiveness. Also, in an environment where there are a lot of less-attractive or overweight girls, she might still have another chance with other guys who are willing to hit on her. Some girls like being flirted with strictly for an ego boost, not because they are genuinely interested. Pull out if you reach one of these girls and move on. She wasn't worth your time anyways.

    • so far the best answer. Your answer seems to make sense and is plausible. Ironic how a man answers this question better than the women. lol the women keep throwing out answers(the same dumb answer) that don't make sense and leave the question unanswered. I was really expecting the an insightful answer to come from the mind of a woman since its the women who are doing the rejecting...guess not.

    • The girls that responded may or may not use guys for emotional boosts. Some girls may genuinely not find you attractive, even if most do. Lastly, some girls may already have a boyfriend and as such, aren't interested in anyone, including you. Most girls are at least a bit solipsistic in nature, which makes it harder for them to relate to your position.