Why does it look hot when a girl works on pulling her hair back and up?

For those who have not realized, watch it next time. It looks especially hot when she is wearing a tank top and also when she has longer hair.


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  • Because, she has to push her chest out to get it done. If she has huge knockers it will be nothing but boobage hanging all out there for ya to gawk at. My cousin does a great job working that move. Get's her free sh*t all the time. : /

    • Hmmm. Ok. Next time I will make sure I notice if it is that. But may be not.

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  • boobs and ass out,back arched,neck and face are on display,you assumes she'll do something athletic which subconsciously translates to health,she's playing with her hair-that's probably why.

  • Guys have told me it's because they associate you pulling your hair back into a ponytail with preparing for fellatio.

    • Hahaha ! Serious ? But I know myself. That is the last thing that would hit my mind. :)) At least you acknowledge that it is a hot gesture.

  • Really? I didn't know that would be a turn on...I'm horrible at trying to look "hot"...but I will try this...as I have hair down to my waist...so do you mean actually putting it into a ponytail...or just when she plays with it?

    • I mean, the actual action of doing it. And don't bend your neck looking down. Keep year head straight. Try to take a long time pulling them back and up. Like making a high pony tail.

    • Ok...thanks...I'm going to try that : )

    • I wrote a message to you. I hope you know what I mean there.

  • haha my boyfriend loves watching me put my hair in a ponytail :P He said once that they should make p*rn of girls just putting their hair up lol :p

    • He's MY man ! Please ask him HIS exact reasons and let me know.

  • Maybe because it shows off her neck.

    • It snows SOMEthing... :)) not sure what. But I melt when I see that. Specially, when I am driving and stopped at a light and the girl int he car behind me is working on her hair. Oooooh ! HOTTT ! I guess its me. Certain gestures turn me on more than the sight of body parts oozing out from places... hehe

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  • i got used to seeing it right before a girl was about to go down on me. I always thought that was why I found it hot, but if it's more universal than that, maybe not. Perhaps it's like she is 'undressing' her neck or something?

    • Thanks for the comment. :) Interesting @ "undressing the neck". Hmmm.

    • yeah, any time a girl does something to show more skin, right in front of you, it's probably going to be arousing. getting her hair off her shoulders and neck does exactly that.

    • You are quite right. But I think its not the neck. Its the shoulders, the arms etc. And some girls have to knack to lift their arms in a very sexy way.

  • This isn't obvious?

    Put your hands behind your head. Pay attention to what your chest does.

  • If they are well-built, you see them flex a bit. Plus, you assume she might start doing something physical that requires kneeling and bending over.

    • Oh NO. I want her to stay in that position forever... hahaha.

  • Some women can do just about anything and look hot... haha

  • I've noticed this too. Still can't figure out why I find it hot though.

  • I could be wrong but I believe it has the same effect as when men arch out there chest and shoulders, to show off to women. When women do this, their breasts are protruded outward a little more and so is her shoulders. Something about the way they do this, can be very appealing, to both genders

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that. I thought I was crazy. :)

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    • No problem. When I read what I type with my touchpad and my fat fingers, I curse myself all the time. :)

    • :D

  • cause she pushes her chest out maybe lol ;p

    • That's the view I am getting from most. But in my case, I still think it is something else too. I think only a woman with good arms and shoulders would look good even if she is not wearing a tanktop.