Help, I think he's attracted to me. How can I make him stop?

Ok so I think my boss is attracted to me. he's in his early 30s and I'm 20. he's married to my friend whose around his age. I babysit their child. And the child loves me.

he's been known to cheat. Well he only cheated once Before they had the baby. Well I don't know but I feel uncomfortable around him. The way he looks at me when I walk by worries me . And he tries to be near me sometimes. When he talks to me he looks deep into my eyes like if he liked me or something. I don't like that.

Idk but I feel weird around him. I don't want to cause any problems. I don't dress slutty so I am not trying to provoke him.

How can I make it stop? I've known them since I was a kid. Since 11 years old. This has started since I started watching their baby, almost a year ago. Is it a psychological thing? Him and I are alike. Quiet, smart, serious and hardworking, and his wife is outgoing. The opposite of us.

Well of course I'm not interested. I like single guys. With no kids. So is there something I can do to make him stop being attracted to me? Or is it normal for dads to drool over the babysitter? I just feel bad. I like them all. Theyre nice people.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ignore him. Or at least don't show any emotion with him at all. Avoid him too.