Help, I think he's attracted to me. How can I make him stop?

Ok so I think my boss is attracted to me. he's in his early 30s and I'm 20. he's married to my friend whose around his age. I babysit their child. And the child loves me.

he's been known to cheat. Well he only cheated once Before they had the baby. Well I don't know but I feel uncomfortable around him. The way he looks at me when I walk by worries me . And he tries to be near me sometimes. When he talks to me he looks deep into my eyes like if he liked me or something. I don't like that.

Idk but I feel weird around him. I don't want to cause any problems. I don't dress slutty so I am not trying to provoke him.

How can I make it stop? I've known them since I was a kid. Since 11 years old. This has started since I started watching their baby, almost a year ago. Is it a psychological thing? Him and I are alike. Quiet, smart, serious and hardworking, and his wife is outgoing. The opposite of us.

Well of course I'm not interested. I like single guys. With no kids. So is there something I can do to make him stop being attracted to me? Or is it normal for dads to drool over the babysitter? I just feel bad. I like them all. Theyre nice people.


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  • Ignore him. Or at least don't show any emotion with him at all. Avoid him too.


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  • make him uncomfortable by talking about what guys you like, describe what your type of guy is and b sure that it doesn't match him. if he's white tell him your into black guys.

    if all else fails

    fart around him that would certainly scare me off

  • If he comes on to you, look him square in the eyes and say..."I'M NOT INTERESTED"

  • fart in front of him. A smelly one.


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  • If you feel uncomfortable there is a reason. He is behaving in ways that are not appropriate & it's crucial for both of you to tell him it's not OK. Be specific, tell him, when you do ________ it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Tell him it has to stop. If it doesn't, your best bet is to have as little contact with him as possible. If you feel close enough to his wife, open up to her about what has been going on. I would want to know if it was my husband.

  • Disgust him !

    Like eat a lot of cheese and talk to him very close ! Don't shave your legs for a while then go to the office wearing a skirt !

    Next time you babysit their kid, wear baggy clothes, no make up, don't brush or hair of wash your teeth

    I give him a week top to unlike you :)