What should a guy do if he is 23, shy, a virgin, and has never been on a date?

I am clueless as to what I should do, I really need to meet a girl or something.


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    If girls would have what it takes to turn a guy with a lifetime of failures into a once in a lifetime success, there would be no business for schools that train guys to get over their dragdown gualities that make all the girls dissapear.

    I am a 27 year old virgin, before going to London for this boot camp, hot chicks would run away from the shopping mall if they saw from far away. Now after this boot-camp, I have learned to see the world through the eyes of the girls and relate to them naturally. No books, no DVDs and no advice can replace what this bootcamp has to offer. I know because I have been their customer.

    They push guys to face their fear, go talk to girls, and analyse evrything you can develope in yourself. Their focus is on you, your development wants and needs. They are not Gods, but multifield professionals that can give you the gift of confidence and most importantly they thought me how to learn to get to the next level.


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  • I would marry you :D .. seriously now, there is nothing wrong with you , don't let this f*ed up society to mess up with your confidence.. I am a 21 year old virgin and I'm planning to remain like this a couple of years more .. there s nothing wrong with it ! Just wait for the right girl man , don't get hookers or whatever .. just wait :P

    • Well the virgin part is not my main concern. I really want a long term relationship with a girl who is marriage materiel. I do intend to stay a virgin til I am married.

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    • Well then work on your confidence :) .. it;s not hard , hit the gym .. you must be good at something , work on it and be proud :D , I always have these issues but somehow went over , really just see what works for you and build your confidence .. don't read books or websites , just go and do something ... if you think you are not very good looking , the gym will do it for you , eat healthy , I don't know whatever works for you :D good luck

    • I can try that I guess, I mean I just feel I am shy though I mean I am a nice guy I think though

  • Hire a hooker? ...but seriously, try talking to more girls...we don't bite! Start some new friendships, stay honest to yourself and don't feel bad. I admire you for the self control many people lack. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin, your time will come. - just don't forget to smile! It makes the world a shade lighter. <3

  • I would date you too, shy guys are the best.just don't be afraid to put yourself out there, there is nothing wrong with you

    • Thanks what do I do though

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    • there's got to be a soup kitchen or a charity food drive or even a music event that most definitely requires managing of finances and goods. Variety is great for resumes too

    • That is true I could look

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  • Try online dating. There's plenty of other people in the same situation as you out there and many of them do the dating site thing.

  • How about meeting a girl?

    • How though?

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    • Then grow a pair.

    • That really does not help

  • Try to be way less shy. Socialize a lot, be way more outgoing. Think about what you really want. Is a date all that you want? Sounds like you may the kind that wants a deep relationship through and through. I'm kind of in the same boat as you except for the shy part. I hate being shy.

  • First figure out what you want. Just by the way you phrased your question I can tell you're clueless so let's start with that. "What should a guy do if...?". Your questiin obviously relates to girls but what is your objective? Did you want a date? Did you want to lose your virginity? You really need to meet a girl or something. That doesn't sound like you know what you want. It sounds more like, "i see girls with men sometimes. Maybe that's the right thing to do.". Instead, you should be thinking, "I'm feeling horny tonight. I needa find me a vagina to penetrate.". Make your goals clear and break down them down into attainable steps and you shall have what you ask for.

    • Long term relationship