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Should I be OK with my girlfriend wanting to hang out with a guy that likes her by herself?

My girlfriend and I just had a few days ago a 2 hour conversation about whether or not she can hangout with this guy. I completely trust her, in... Show More

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  • In my opinion I believe you are entitled to say if she can hang with this guy or not. It's one thing for girls to have normal guy friends. When they start trying to make a move and constantly flirting, it's crossing a line. I would flat out tell her it's him or me. I can understand why she might get mad and say you're controlling but in reality all you're doing in this scenerio is trying to keep your relationship from falling apart. Just flat out tell her that even if she doesn't want to date him or break up with you for him, you'll break up with her because her being around him will ruin your relationship anyway. Don't beat around the bush about it either. Be honest and make it very clear to her that this is how you feel and that something has to change.

What Girls Said 7

  • She shouldn't hang out with him

  • She shouldn't, even if you trust her you're right he'll probably try something.

  • It's a big deal because he's disrespectful towards her (and you, and your relationship). You wouldn't hang with a disrespectful friend so you wouldn't hang with a disrespectful guy who is selfish. I think the situation is blinding her a little because she's too quick to defend that guy/situation.

    It's good that you don't want her to hang out with a disrespectful guy.

  • I don't think is a good Idea, And if she goes out with this guy she will disrespecting your relationship, I would not got out with a guy by myself at all, I can go out with a bunch of guys and girls but never alone with a guy, I just don't think it looks for girl,

    • That sounds horrible? Should the gender of the friend really matter that much? It doesn't have to for me and I've had no problems as it is :-) actually I'm happier now then I was before. Just a thought ;-)

  • I would just hang out with them every time they hang out.

    Maybe after a while, he might see a lost cause and back away.

    But if you trust your GF, do just that.

  • I don't think so.

    She seems to be feeding off of the attention. Most girls wouldn't do this because they KNOW it's disrespectful and would make their man uncomfortable. She sounds like your typical female who wants to toy guys along for some attention. Smh, I'd find a new girlfriend if I were you

What Guys Said 4

  • Normally I would say you should, but if the guy is trying to hurt your relationship then ask her not too.

  • NO WAYY!

  • Its not his fault if she agrees to it.

    Yes you should let her see him you have no choice in it. You made a big deal out of expressing your distaste in him which if anything makes you look odd and makes her want to see him more.

    Youre not allowed to be jealous about this in any way that doesn't politely express it. If you trusted her then I can't see how this is an issue. If anything happens it is not because you didn't make her stay away, it will be all on her.

    Yes being jealous sucks, happends to me sometimes (not until after do I see how ridiculous I was).

    Best of luck my man.

    • Come on man! Wheres the trust in saying you trust somebody but having a 2 hour conversation about it? :-P! Haha

  • No way if you ask me. I mean, you obviously don't feel good about it and had a 2-hr conversation.

    How can you sustain trust in the relationship if this continues?

    Other girls may say you're being possessive, so be it.

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