Should I be OK with my girlfriend wanting to hang out with a guy that likes her by herself?

My girlfriend and I just had a few days ago a 2 hour conversation about whether or not she can hangout with this guy. I completely trust her, in that she isn't going to cheat on me with him. However, I still am uncomfortable about her hanging out with him, because he doesn't respect our relationship. His goal is to break us up and have her date him. He even admits that to her. Therefore, I think I am perfectly within my rights as the boyfriend to ask her to not hangout with him.. She says she doesn't see the big deal because she is never going to date him. She doesn't understand that he is breaking man code by even trying to get her alone with him when she has a boyfriend. I told her the way to see if he really is trying to break us up is ask if I can be at the hangouts because if he doesn't want me there, then that clearly means he is going to try and put a move on her. If he is just her friend, he should have no problem with me being there.


Most Helpful Girl

  • In my opinion I believe you are entitled to say if she can hang with this guy or not. It's one thing for girls to have normal guy friends. When they start trying to make a move and constantly flirting, it's crossing a line. I would flat out tell her it's him or me. I can understand why she might get mad and say you're controlling but in reality all you're doing in this scenerio is trying to keep your relationship from falling apart. Just flat out tell her that even if she doesn't want to date him or break up with you for him, you'll break up with her because her being around him will ruin your relationship anyway. Don't beat around the bush about it either. Be honest and make it very clear to her that this is how you feel and that something has to change.