What do men prefer..?

a cute school girl who hardly parties ,drinks etc or a hot crazy girl who parties and drinks? just curious lol seems like guys prefer the fun and crazy ones !


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  • Well guys probably 'prefer' them because theyb are more social and flirty. Also depends on the king of guy, I personally would like a girl who doesn't "party hard" because a lot of people I know start making out with random people when they are relationships. I don't know I wouldn't like worrying about it, and people go pretty nuts around here..

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  • For a girl friend, the cute girl who hardly parites.

    If I just want to get laid, I'll go look for the crazy girls.

    • just because she's crazy , doesn't mean she's an easy hoe .

    • 90% of the time they are, don't kid yourself.

    • At the very least, the party chicks are more likely to put themselves in compromising situations that make them easy to get into bed, like getting super drunk at a party. They're more likely to slip up, even if what they just did would have typically been against their morals.

  • Depends on the people. ME. I liked the cute smart girls. They stayed home and studied a lot but when they DID go out, look out - freaks and crazy when the hair is down.

  • Probably the first one :)

    I don't want to drop her at her home, every time she drinks too much and parties :P

    I also don't drink so definitely the first one


  • A balance. I like the school girl's goal driven life but at the same time, once in a while we need to let loose and have some fun. It's good for the relationship, it's good for keeping sanity.

  • I'd go for the cute non partier every time. I'm not much of a partier myself.

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  • I think that most would prefer the first one for dating/relationships, but the second one for random hookups and one night stands.

  • Well it all depends on what kind of guy it is in question. I don't reckon you say that a certain amount guys like a certain type of girls; it's just depends on what they personally prefer.

  • Usually the hot girl. Especially if she parties and drinks. That means he's more likely to score. The cute girl who hardly parties and drinks is most likely going to want commitment, which isn't what young men in their sexual primes are looking for.

  • Guys don't know what they want until they are dating the girl. The cute girl may be too hibited for them. A party girl is more outgoing, laughs at neurotic jokes and willing to try new things. Guys appreciate that.

  • School depends on whether the guy is in school or not and they'd prefer one who hardly parties I guess. I'm sure they'd still like a crazy girl in certain situations. Drink - meh, some do and some don't, just depends what they're into but they wouldn't want a girl to get carried away with it.