Calling your girlfriend a bitch.

so. first things first. I just know I'm stubborn and can overreact. but I believe in this case I didn't overreact. I did what was needed to be done. so my boyfriend at the time is an amazing person. super sweet. but didn't fit my lifestyle. ( families were grown up differently etc.) well he's nice... Show More

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  • Personally, I've rarely been mad enough to call any woman that, (in the heat of the moment in traffic, some woman I don't know, I've used the word, I'm sure, but otherwise, no), and certainly not a girlfriend. I had a girlfriend who admitted to being one to me; she used the words, I never did. Nor did I really think of her as one - she was nasty a lot of the time, and out of control many times; but I haven't thought of a girlfriend as that; not even a girl who rejected me in a nasty way.

    If you don't want to be talked to in that way, and that's a deal breaker, then it's a deal breaker. In my impression you had every right to let him know where the line should be drawn; personally, cussing me out like that would be a deal breaker. I certainly don't want to be at a position in life where I'd talk to a future girlfriend or wife in that way, and I hope I never become someone who talks to his love like that.

    What would also be a deal breaker for me is if a girlfriend were to accuse me of being a liar, right off the cuff, without any proof. That'd be too much distrust; trust needs to be a priority in a healthy relationship.

    So if you don't want someone who will talk to you like that, then just know that there are guys out there who won't talk to you like that. Nor should you be expected that it's "acceptable." They may be rarer, and you may have to broaden the scope of who you'd date to get them (I don't mean "settling"), but they do exist, and I'm sure there is someone out there who can control how he treats people in a healthier way.

    • thanks love :) you made me feel great