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Am I an overbearing girlfriend?

the one thing I've been terrified of since my boyfriend and I started dating is me being the overbearing girlfriend. The kind that makes he and his... Show More

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  • Girl you gotta stop being paranoid! I know we see it in movies and TV a lot, guys will talk amongst themselves about how they "disapprove" of a dude's girlfriend because she won't let him go to a strip club or something haha, but that doesn't mean your boyfriend and his friends are like that! I've personally noticed that, in reality, many guys don't judge their friends' girlfriends, they just don't care that much about it.It also depends on whether or not your boyfriend is respectful of you or not. Say you make plans with him, and his friends want him to bail to hang out with them. Is he going to say, "Nah I have plans with my girlfriend" or "I can't, the old ball and chain wants me to hang out with her tonight'? :P You know how your boyfriend is, he's probably not a douchebag.Besides all that, it doesn't sound like you're being controlling anyway. Hold him to his promises, respect him when he makes the same promises to his friends, and all will be well.

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  • Have you actually heard his friends to be saying it still? If not, then you're worrying about nothing. It's great that you're being thoughtful, he's lucky.

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  • I notice two things here1. You have no concrete evidence of anyone saying anything so - stress less2. There's a fine line between not wanting to be overbearing and holding back or suppressing yourself in a relationship. If you cross that line it becomes all you sacrificing for him and never him for you. You might be being a great girlfriend but you can't be truly happy like that

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