Ever get a bad feeling about someone?

Meet someone and get that bad vibe gut feeling that something is off? It doesn't have to be a possible rapist or axe murderer I just mean someone who has a bad soul con artist, backstabbers, selfish people etc. I met my new manager a year ago and when I first met her I got a bad feeling about her but couldn't put my finger on it. My friend also said the same thing. Come to find out she's is a liar and backstabber and takes advantage of people, ever experience this?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, lots of the time! I have ignored it at times and it always bit me back. My one ex gave me a bit of a bad vibe despite me liking lots of what he was about. The bad feeling went away eventually as I got to know him (was a false alarm, or so I thought), but then he changed for the worse and the bad feeling came back, of course. The relationship failed for reasons I logically didn't see coming but emotionally I suspected.

    Next time, when I get a bad feeling, I am staying away from all of it...