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Ever get a bad feeling about someone?

Meet someone and get that bad vibe gut feeling that something is off? It doesn't have to be a possible rapist or axe murderer I just mean someone who... Show More

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  • Yes, lots of the time! I have ignored it at times and it always bit me back. My one ex gave me a bit of a bad vibe despite me liking lots of what he was about. The bad feeling went away eventually as I got to know him (was a false alarm, or so I thought), but then he changed for the worse and the bad feeling came back, of course. The relationship failed for reasons I logically didn't see coming but emotionally I suspected.

    Next time, when I get a bad feeling, I am staying away from all of it...

What Girls Said 10

  • Yes, this happens quite a few times. I have a manager who comes across like a secret axe murderer. OK, maybe not that bad, but certainly not the bubbly friendly nice girl she puts on. I feel like she's a fake "mean girl" type so I keep my distance and only talk to her when she talks to me.

  • Yep, all the time. I learned a long time ago to pay attention to my intuition, because it's usually right. Especially when it comes to the vibes I get from others.

  • yup

    • its called an intuition and you were right.

  • Yes .. I get "gut feelings" about people somethings and they're always amazingly accurate. I knew b4 my ex told me that he was cheating and I can when I need to stay away from people most of the time.

  • Yes, it happens to be a guy I've been good friends with for two years. We talk every single day on the phone and through messages, but as soon as I see him in person, I feel really uncomfortable and have very bad vibes. It's extremely confusing.

  • Yeah. I consider myself to be a good judge of character. I'm very perceptive to other people, so it's not hard for me to figure them out once I've been around them

  • Yep, all the time.

    I've been wrong though, I've liked some people right away and then decided later I didn't like them as much...or they turned out to not be great people.

    I think it has more to do with their emotional state.

    Just like it's not very relaxing to be around someone who is road-raging.

  • Yeah I get scared and nervous around certain people

  • It is gut feel and intuition, and sometimes how someone present themselves the first time you met them (first impression).

What Guys Said 5

  • Definitely. And I'm always right about it, too.

    Ps. Never trust a man with a ponytail. EVER.

    • why can't we trust men with ponytails?

  • I'm extremely paranoid, so I'm always looking out :P

  • Hell yeah, and when I get the feeling I get as far from that person as I can.

    Every time I have not paid attention to that feeling, I have come to regret it.

  • Trust your intuition, but it will be wrong on occasion. I use it to keep some distance from some people, but it won't necessarily keep me from being friends with them, just not close enough friends to give the opportunity for them to be trouble. I'm glad that worked out for you...

  • All the time.

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