Why does my boyfriend constantly accuse me of things?

My boyfriend of a year is always accusing me of things like "i saw you on this dating site" or" you're always flirting with people" I love him so much and we've been through a lot. As of right now, we're a long distance couple. He lives like 7 hours from me. I have never/would never cheat on him or do anything to hurt him.

I just don't get why he accuses me of things like that?

I thought maybe because he wanted a way out of the relationship but he reassured me wants to be with me so I have no idea why he does this! help :/


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  • Easy answer: he's thinking about cheating, and projecting his feelings on you.

    But it's usually not that easy.

    Maybe someone else cheated on him in a long distance relationship. Maybe he wants to see other people, or thinks you do.

    If you're in a small town, some a**holes may be trying to put doubts in his mind.

    Question why he thinks these things. Ask him why he thinks you're on a dating site, then visit that profile. Who knows, it's the Internet. I've had people spoof my Facebook profile and send women annoying posts. I would have thought I'd done it but was thankfully too broke to be that drunk that week. ;-) Just kidding. Not really.


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  • He's either paranoid, has cheated, or is VERY close to cheating.

    My guess is the third one; why else would HE be on a dating site, right?

  • Are those accusations right? Are you actually registered to some dating site and do you flirt with others?

    And in the case you are in there - how did he find that out, if he's so innocent what was he doing in a dating site?

  • Because he's an insecure d***.


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  • I've heard from many psychologists that when ever someone accuses their partner of cheating (especially when there's no evidence of the partner cheating) it usually means they themselves are cheating on you... =/

    Also, did you even ask him what he was doing on a dating website?!?!?!?!

    • i did and he said his friend was on it and he went looking for people in my town to see if I had one. I don't belive it. but I went on it and tried looking for him and I couldn't mind him so idk

    • That's REALLY sketchy... And who knows, he could've lied about which site it was on..

  • all that I do know is once the trust is gone...the relationship is bound to be next.

    no trust no relationship.

  • I think he is being a bit possessive. He must like you a bit too much and must think you very pretty. I also think that he might be scared you will leave him. Talk to him about it, tell him he hurts you when he says things like that and that you would never cheat on him. If he blows up and gets mad and irrational and unreasonable, then you know what you should do.