Why does my boyfriend constantly accuse me of things?

My boyfriend of a year is always accusing me of things like "i saw you on this dating site" or" you're always flirting with people" I love him so much and we've been through a lot. As of right now, we're a long distance couple. He lives like 7 hours from me. I have never/would never cheat on him or do anything to hurt him.

I just don't get why he accuses me of things like that?

I thought maybe because he wanted a way out of the relationship but he reassured me wants to be with me so I have no idea why he does this! help :/


Most Helpful Guy

  • Easy answer: he's thinking about cheating, and projecting his feelings on you.

    But it's usually not that easy.

    Maybe someone else cheated on him in a long distance relationship. Maybe he wants to see other people, or thinks you do.

    If you're in a small town, some a**holes may be trying to put doubts in his mind.

    Question why he thinks these things. Ask him why he thinks you're on a dating site, then visit that profile. Who knows, it's the Internet. I've had people spoof my Facebook profile and send women annoying posts. I would have thought I'd done it but was thankfully too broke to be that drunk that week. ;-) Just kidding. Not really.