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Boyfriend lied about going to a party?

Majority of these my boyfriend lied letters explains how perfect their boyfriends are first, then proceed to explain his lie in helpless and yet... Show More

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  • There is a reason he has an ex. He is a weak man, plain and simple. I know people like him, lie when there is no reason to lie. I can tell you another thing about him, he is also a thief. Somehow he is manipulating you and at the moment you can not see it.

    I have men who work for me from time to time I will treat at a strip bar. The guys with girlfriends all seem to be similar, they swear they love their girlfriends but after alcohol and women the story changes. If a man will cheat and lie about his girlfriend he will have no problem stealing form me.

    In the story you reported how many lies did he tell? He may only be good as a tool. You will be fine, Good luck.

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