Do stomach exercises make a fat belly hard? or does it help it flatten out?

If I do a lot of stomach exercises, would that make my belly harder or will it make it flat?

I do not have a flat stomach now, but I want one.

I don't want to end up looking like a pregnant woman when I'm not.

I'm wondering if I do a lot of stomach exercises, will that make my belly hard? as it is now? without flattening out? Or do I first have to do a lot of cardio to burn off the fat?

Also does anyone know of a good daily diet I can follow?

I already know what stuff is bad and what I should not eat, but it's hard for me to eat right, I want to follow a strict diet that's already planned out for me. Thnx!


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  • I am not a gym instructor nor am I qualified to advise, but I have been workingout / gymming since February / March this year (after 20 years) and I got a pot belly to now look flat outside my clothes but flab still exists. What I'm stating is out of experience and advise given by my instructors (and I think they are correct)

    The abs exercises help in strengthening the abdominal muscles. What makes one lose fat is more of the cardio of which 20 minutes of rigorous regime is good enough once or twice a week or one can resort to either Spartacus workout or something similar that works out the whole body symmetrically.

    Maybe these will help



    Exercising every body part is as important since they are all interconnected. No good if one wants to do one part and ignore the rest that they can afford to for a while if they are at an advanced stage

    Diet YES is an integral and most important part of any regime.

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      I do 20 min everyday on stair master link on level 5 ... it's very slow paced at this level, but it makes me sweat and tired very quickly. Would that help? Or should I be doing it for longer or higher level? Also would a tread mill work better or is this one fine? This one gives me a hell of a work out! but I don't know if it's actually helping I've only done one week so far.

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      Wow, I didn't think so since the stair master makes me very tired and sweat faster than the elliptical.

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      Check with an instructor too :)