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Do you have fever dreams?

When you're sick with a cold or something and get a high fever, do you have really intense bizarre dreams that get your mind messed up?

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  • my sister used to see pink elephants hop across the room.

    i sometimes do, though I rarely remember my dreams any day. but yes, when I have a fever (and I'm one of those people, I can get a fever up to 39° when I'm really sick, hands boiling, it's crazy) I get weird dreams. it's quite common, your sub-conscious is dealing with what happened during the day, but your perception is/was off because of the fever. and everything in your body and brain is running on such a high level because of your fever.

What Girls Said 7

  • Yes I do, I actually just had one too

    • I've been sick this week and was having some weird dreams, which prompted the question.

  • once, the only time I had the full blown flu I had a very convincing hallucination that I was a tulip I kept half waking up and looking at my body (that was a green stem) where my stomach hurt.

  • I have awful dreams when I am sick!

  • I'm never sick. Last time I had a fever was the first 2 weeks of third grade. But I remember it clearly. All I could dream of were a train at full speed coming at me, but never reaching me completely. And this little fuzzy buzzing light ball chasing me.

  • yes I do. I also sleep talk

  • No, when I was a child, I used to have weird dreams when I am sick, especially when I had a high fever, I used to dream that I am laying on bed of nails and feel it like it is true and kind of feel more pain than the usual and wake up.

    But right now, I don't.

What Guys Said 4

  • yes.

  • Sometimes.

  • i often have weird dreams since my life sucks! but when I am sick, my dreams are... I can't remember them. its like blank dream... it seems like I only have fear in my dreams when I am health.

  • I had the swine flu, my fever was so high I don't remember anything from when it was over 105. But my parents said I had delusions that I was late for a concert, and I would point and laugh at things that weren't there

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