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Lies I'm Tired Of Hearing. What About You?

I'm tired of hearing the following lies: 1- I'm not ready for a relationship right now. 2- I hate drama (coming from people who stir up drama) 3-... Show More

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  • 1. You're such a nice guy, you'll get a girlfriend soon. 2. You're a great guy, someone will date you (just not me).3. You're a fantastic guy, (but I secretly think you're gay because you're not an a**hole to me.)

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  • 1 - Sure, it's perfectly okay to stalk outside my window at night, breathing really heavily!2 - Of COURSE I'm not calling the cops on you!2 - I have no forms of pepper spray in my purse right now.

    • I like how I have two number 2 answers.

  • 1) I wish I could be attracted to you.2) Let's hang out.3) I'm not that type of girl.

  • 1. I have a lot on my plate right now2. you deserve someone perfect.3I feel guilty every time I talk to you

  • 1. I would never do something like that2. I only slept with the people I dated3. I would never hurt you

  • size doesn't matter.your d*** is big enough (unless the guy is 10 inches or longer of course)I don't care about a man's money or material things.looks don't matter.

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