Constant Dreams Of My Ex?

Okay. . . Me and this guy met last November. We had a crazy connection and loved being around each other. We planned on moving in together. I miscarried his child early on in the relationship. We met each others' siblings, talked to each others' mothers over the phone and everything. We had BIG plans, but he had to take care of some unfinished business with someone else before we moved forward. Before he was able to, she found out about us and flipped out on me instead of him. Now even though we wanted to continue our relationship, he had kids involved so we parted ways. He still wanted to get the place for me and my child but I told him no for obvious reasons. I told him to do what he had to do and finish his business and when he feels ready then he can come find me. Now we broke up at the beginning of last April. For the rest of the month, all the way through May and into the beginning of June, I was drinking heavy and working every night to try and keep my mind off of things. I moved on and met someone new. Now in July, I found out I was two months pregnant. So I stopped drinking and working and stayed at home with my child when my new boyfriend went to work to provide for us. Now the child I'm pregnant with isn't his but he is going to be the father. We have been together for five months and ever since I got sober, every other day I have different dreams about my ex. Every dream we find each other somehow, we sit and talk about how we miss each other and want to be back together and want things to work out. Now when I had been pregnant and miscarried my ex's baby, he had a dream that I was pregnant, and whenever we couldn't talk on the phone or spend time together, we had dreams the same night as each other and had whole conversations together and we would talk to each other whenever we got together and our dreams were either the same or very similar. So in these new dreams of mine, we are always conversing about us and our failed relationship.and how we want to fix it. But what does all this mean? Do we really talk to each other in our dreams? Is this really what my sub conscience wants? Did I move on too quick? And am I supposed to be with my ex in reality? Why do I keep having these dreams of him?


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  • Because he's on your mind that much.

    • Problem Is I Don't Think About Him At All Through The Day. He Barely Crosses My Mind. He Just Pops Up In My Dreams.

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  • If you ask me, you have these dreams because you don't WANT to let him go. I think that's the focal point of your mind, so it's natural that that's where your mind goes when you dream. You want to connect with him that badly and you believe in dreams, so that's how your subconscious soothes you.

    But I'm not a therapist, so this is my layman's opinion.