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Constant Dreams Of My Ex?

Okay. . . Me and this guy met last November. We had a crazy connection and loved being around each other. We planned on moving in together. I... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • Because he's on your mind that much.

    • Problem Is I Don't Think About Him At All Through The Day. He Barely Crosses My Mind. He Just Pops Up In My Dreams.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you ask me, you have these dreams because you don't WANT to let him go. I think that's the focal point of your mind, so it's natural that that's where your mind goes when you dream. You want to connect with him that badly and you believe in dreams, so that's how your subconscious soothes you.

    But I'm not a therapist, so this is my layman's opinion.

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