Do guys like weird girls? and Is my personality alright?

Alright, everyone I know tells me I'm weird, and I know it. I'm weird in a loud, dramatic, dynamic, and grandiose way. But everyone tells me it's really funny. That and I also have dry sarcasm, and I'm a little obnoxious, but I know not to get out of hand. I do have a tendency to be negative and some of my comments are sharp and kinda mean, but I don't mean it the way I say it, and I always apologize for it or I assume other people get it, though, I don't think they do. Is this personality ok with most guys, or is it bad? Be honest!


Most Helpful Guy

  • It all depends. If you're like that and you already know the guy, then, it doesn't matter as they know your personality; however, if you meet a new guy, and you come across the wrong way on that first meeting, then you'll have a bit of a battle.

    I personally like girls that have your personality cause they are not the typical type and I find it interesting, so I wouldn't get offended. So I made it a point to chase girls with 'weird' personalities. :d