Do guys like weird girls? and Is my personality alright?

Alright, everyone I know tells me I'm weird, and I know it. I'm weird in a loud, dramatic, dynamic, and grandiose way. But everyone tells me it's really funny. That and I also have dry sarcasm, and I'm a little obnoxious, but I know not to get out of hand. I do have a tendency to be negative and some of my comments are sharp and kinda mean, but I don't mean it the way I say it, and I always apologize for it or I assume other people get it, though, I don't think they do. Is this personality ok with most guys, or is it bad? Be honest!


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  • It all depends. If you're like that and you already know the guy, then, it doesn't matter as they know your personality; however, if you meet a new guy, and you come across the wrong way on that first meeting, then you'll have a bit of a battle.

    I personally like girls that have your personality cause they are not the typical type and I find it interesting, so I wouldn't get offended. So I made it a point to chase girls with 'weird' personalities. :d


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  • You have sarcasm? Okay, how's this? I will never be attracted to a lemming. Original personalities are always best, and that will keep me interested in a girl. Fight the good fight, precious!

  • While it's probably not what most guys want in a girlfriend, some guys look for exactly those qualities, particularly because they're so seldom found in a girl. Sooner or later, you'll find a guy who appreciates those aspects of your personality and thinks that you're hilarious. If you want to date a larger variety of people, consider toning down, but otherwise there's no need to dilute your personality.

  • Your personalty is part of how you are to change it is to change who you are. So no it's not too "out of control" hell I wish I could find some one like that around where I live.


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  • It can be bad for some guys. The guys I know want sweet girls. They like women who speak their minds but not in a negative way towards others.

  • Yes! I'm pretty damn weird. Perhaps not as weird as you can get, because that's a whole lotta weirdness, but I haven't had any problems with meting men and dating them yet.

    They normally like the way I am, my different outlook on things and the strange things I wear.

    It's good to be yourself! Be proud of it!

    Go girl!

  • So you're asking if a fun personality is okay with guys? Haha, why wouldn't it be? Xd

  • Wow, when I read this it sounded a lot like me I don't think there's anything wrong with your personality really, but try to act positive. And I'm not so sure if guys like weird girls becuase I don't and haven't had a boyfriend for some time now. (but just to let you know I'm in the seventh grade.) Hope you don't think I'm weird because I answered your question I was just curious. I hope I helped you and PLEASE don't think of me as a creepy seventh grader, but trust me I think I know what I'm talking about. :D sorry I had to lie about my age to send this. Like I said I was curious. I wanted to see if I could help you in any way possible. :)