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Leave it in 2012. Resolutions for 2013?

What do you vow to leave behind in 2012? I would like to leave behind: -my negativity -my habit of comparing myself to others -junk food How... Show More

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  • I would love to leave behind my singleness but then again it's not the first, or second, maybe third and more, year that I've wanted this. I'm not really one of those people who gets what I want... I'm more one of those people who just gets whatever comes my way.

    I recently thought of a resolution - start doing dance lessons. I know it'd be good for me. My mum started dancing ten years ago guess what? She stopped being depressed and semi-suicidal and bed ridden and became bubbly and had loads of friends and most of all happy. I wouldn't find it so hard if I had a friend to go with. I know it'd be really good for me and it would probably stop me being single pretty quick and yet still... for some reason... I don't. Because I'm nervous, because I'm not confident... it's as if I subconsciously don't want to be happy.

    Also I know I should be playing my banjo again by now!

What Guys Said 17

  • I don't make and have never made resolutions based on the new year cause I've noted that these never hold good most time ;)

    But in general new year or not I'll leave these behind

    1. Belly fat (whatever's left of it)

    2. Hard liquor

    3. Any negative factors around me ;)

  • Nothing because we're all gonna die this month.

  • Yeah I wish I could get rid of my sweet tooth too lol.

  • I would like to continue being an a**hole who finds new years resolutions; unecessary, annoying and 99.9% of the time a useless waste of time.

  • Resolution never works for me.

    And you are seriously quitting junk food? :p

  • Sure. Comparing others is a horrible way to go through life. I just end up being silent to people who are not polite.

  • I don't make New Year resolutions.

  • My hair. I'm starting this new Yearly routine of going bald and letting it grow back in.

  • no more sex, sleeping enough, working on acting allot more, being more positive and up my intelligence

  • A resolution to not make any resolutions.

  • 6 packs ab is my net resolution :D

  • i would leave behind all those fights and quarrels that happened between me and my close ones like frnds,cousins and other family members...its time to move on

  • looks like girls don't have resolutions for next year lol. but for me it would be to finally finish school, get a job, get a girlfriend and start growing up. I know its cliche but I want a steady job and one girl that's it. and of course being healthy too.

  • But! 2013 is never coming!

  • The 2012 calendar? =)

  • I want to leave behind 20-25 lbs but I know unless my life style changes that it won't happen.

What Girls Said 2

  • Gaining some confidence at school and stop having performance anxiety the whole term through.

  • To stop worrying so much about certain things.

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