If I'm so boring wouldn't you tell me?

I ran into my ex best friend last night. He tells me that the ex still loves me and cares about me, but he said in order for me to win my ex back, I have to be flamboyant. Apparently, I am boring and that I do not do anything exciting. Last time I checked, I was the one that was calling texting and making plans to do things. I did not see him making any plans to do stuff with me. I may not be able to have fun like he does. He is single, no kids and he can do what he want.

I am single parent that goes to work at night and school and helps take care of older parents. My dad had cancer but its in remission and my mom works part time and they need help,so I help them. Any time that I could free up I would try to spend time with him he would always have an excuse like, I'm at work or I'm in the studio or I'm busy. I tried and I was always trying but I guess that it wasn't enough. And how can I fix it if he is ignoring me?

Look my issue is that if the ex broke up with me because I was boring why didn't you tell me? He just up and left. I still love him but I have to put those feelings away on the back burner til they deteriorate.