My boyfriend does not want to meet my parents, why?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. I have already met all of his family, but 3 days ago when I asked him to meet mine he said it would be awkward because he and my brother do not like each other. The reason my brother does not like him is because in the past my boyfriend cheated... Show More

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  • you need to talk to your brother and your boyfriend. Tell your Boyfriend your brother doesn't need to apologize for doing what a brother is supposed to do. Tell your brother that although this guy cheated on you, you want him to give him a chance.

    All that said, your boyfriend needs to man up. He made a mistake in the past and now he thinks that since you forgave him all is well. He needs to establish a relationship and trust with your family not vice versa. He needs to put himself in the uncomfortable position of your family. It is the only way things will only get better between him and the fam.

    • I did, he still refuses because he thinks it will be awkward. He has not spoken or attempted to since I broke up with him. I am guessing he did not really care for me as much as I thought he did :(

    • relationships often require either person to put themselves in positions that are awkward or slightly uncomfortable. Add to that infidelity and it compounds that awkwardness. If he's not will to make the effort then he probably isn't worth it.