Is it just me, or does he like me?

So I think my neighbor likes me but he is clearly a player, I have a boyfriend, and he's not my type. He invited me over so that that we can have a movie night after the Christmas party.(his cousins were there) we were all laying down but then he wrapped his arms around me and bit my ear! I left and I havnt heard from him since then. What Is going on?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Come on. Don't play coy? You know that you like him too. The fact that you said he's a player and that everyone knows you have a boyfriend makes it seem like you're concerned with your reputation. If you really want to sleep with him then do it, boyfriend or not. Just be prepared for the consequences if any arise.

    The reason he hasn't pursued you further is because the ball is in your court. He let you know he's interested in you physically. Now, you have to let him know that it's OK to get together for a hookup. Please, no more "dating" stuff. That will only confuse things more.