Why are girls so confusing, does she want to be left alone or not?

There's this girl who, according to her, doesn't like me. SHe calls me annoying and irritating and all that stuff. So I try to keep to myself but after a while she will start calling me names, teasing me and trying to have a conversation with me and if I ignore her, she gets FURIOUS at me. When we do talk, we seem to have a great time, at least I feel it that way and I can see she is always smiling and giving me smartass answers so I respond to her and our friends crack up when me and her have an "argument" but according to her, she doesn't like it.

What am I supposed to do here? she is a bit younger than me and she has never had a boyfriend but she seems comfortable around other guys (as in being nice to them and not arguing over little things) but with me its like she turns into a different person and has even told me that I'm so annoying she wants me to punch me in the face (and that in her head she already has) but when I leave her alone, she starts bugging me, what can I do?


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  • lol this was so cute and funny at the same time. honestly I can relate, when I was much younger like 19 I really liked this guy and I was the same way. I don't know why I was just defensive around him, naturally, it just came out, sometimes id blurt out things like calling him names and it was like instinctive and the after thought I was like uh oh I shouldn't have said that...it was so weird. I was inexperienced and I never felt so intense about a guy like that before, I was almost in denial I could like someone that much. but yeah, sometimes grls get insecure, defensive, feisty, and weird around the guy they like, it comes from being inexperienced and just naive...but I can almost confirm she totally likes u. once one of you makes the move to ask each other out or say something romantic, trust me she will turn all bubbly and shy around u. I think this all happens cause we're unsure if the guy likes us or not...and we don't wanna reveal we like him so we pick on him and fight just to show were 'friends' but really there's more to it deep down. if ure getting a reaction like that out of a girl, it definitely means you affect her, or impact her in some way, and that you're on her mind a lot.

    • i know it seems immature, but I was really young then and inexperienced. I never dated or had a boyfriend. I didn't even have guyfriends. so yea this happens, its common, I don't think you should just ignore her and find another girl that would be heartbreaking and you will look like a player/jerk, give her a chance and see if she matures. you can teach her to be mature by being her first boyfriend.

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  • She sounds just really childish to me and I think she is just playing mind games because she knows you like her, I think she really needs to mature a little bit, even if she does like you and is only doing that to try and get you to ask her out she is still doing it in a very immature way that only a high school student should. When guys do that to me and acting like an idiot in those ways I just don't pay any notice to it because I want a mature guy not one that wants to keep playing hot and cold all the time. These days people think treating each other like crap acting like bad boys/bad girls is the way to get someone but just the way at all, generally when guys do this to me I just prefer to think of it as them just trying to screw around with me because even if they were trying to get my attention in such a way they would continue to keep doing it throughout the time were dating and I don't think I can handle a guy who handles it in such an immature way.

  • If she's bothering you, go ahead and be clear with her. Let her know very clearly, calmly, and respectfully that certain behaviors (and be kind, but specific) are confusing/annoying/frustrating.

    Then walk away (at least figuratively). She'll annoy you so much more and probably say really mean things especially in the moment, but if you show her what calm, happy, mature, and non-manipulative people look like, she may eventually get it.

    But do walk away.. if you're interested in her, do yourself a favor and find someone else. She may be attractive and make you feel good sometimes, but there are other very attractive girls who can make you feel like a million bucks and give you the respect and honesty you deserve.

    This girl is needy, and the last thing she needs is a boyfriend. Relationships for people who don't have it together only make things worse for them.

  • she sounds like a little girl who can't make up her mind... you can play with her, but don't get too emotionally invested, in the meantime look for other girls...


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  • She's taking advantage of the attention you give her. She probably does like you but she's to damn immature for her own good. Don't waste your time.

    Limit your interaction with her as much and as best as possible. You could talk to her about what she does and how much it bothers you but I'd be surprised if she took you seriously.

    I'd probably be turned off really fast, get tired of it, and just tell her to grow up or go away.

  • take a step back and have her chase you, bro. it seems that you might have her like putty.