What's the best way to boost self-esteem?

How can I learn to love myself more and be more confident?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and find features that you like about yourself. Features that you're glad to have and really like them.

    Write out all your positive traits or traits that you consider to be your strengths as well as your achievements. There might be a time when you've done something you thought you never could do.

    Write out a list of your flaws or what you consider to be your flaws. Reconsider them and think whether they're actually valid/true and if they are, learn to accept them.

    Exercise - not only will you look better but you'll feel better about yourself (For me it's an easy way to forget about my problems and only focus on what I'm doing at the time) and you'll give off a better energy.

    Find some small things that you were always afraid of doing and try tackling them one by 1. Preferably starting with the smallest.