Why do women make poor choices?

I know this questions gets asked a lot, but I'm asking it again anyway. Why do women make poor choices in guys? Virtually every girl I've known has dated more than a couple of "bad boys," and they all ask the same question at one point: where are all the good guys. Now I understand that some guys are good at hiding who they truly are, but when a majority of women do the same thing over and over, logically you start wondering who's really at fault here.

Another thing I can't understand is when women reach their 30s (typically), after being married and divorced (possibly), with a kid or more (again possibly) and having lost their youthful appearance (stress from past relationships, having to raise kid(s) alone, etc.), why, then, do they finally search for the good guys; the type of guys who actually care about them and are LTR material? It seems like all the hard work guys put into themselves (staying in shape, financially stable) is in vain when women like this want them to settle so quickly. And the best part is men who say no to these women and go for their younger counterparts are looked at like creeps. Seems most women don't make logical choices in this department until it's too late.

Another thing I love (sarcasm) about women is when we call them out on their poor choices or bad behavior, instead of giving us a reasonable explanation of their choices, they disrespect us by calling us names, saying we're a bunch of whiners and telling us to grow a pair. I'd like an explanation on that as well!

I guess I should've put a disclaimer that said: ATTENTION ALL FEMALES. I AM NOT BITCHING, JUST SEEKING A COMPELLING DEBATE ON MY QUESTION. But if I did, I'd be catching flack for singling out females in the disclaimer. Seems you can't ask a question anymore without someone bringing out the stereotype card. Sad...


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  • Oh, cry me a river. Men make the same sh*tty choices, theyre just not judged the same. One of my friends even admitted this to me, saying he always whines when a girl prefers a certain type of guy that he deems "less than" but then he turns around and always "picks the wrong type of girl." it seems like a two way street, but men seem to be less honest about it, in my experience.

    women are human beings just like men. we all make sh*tty choices for the same variety of reasons, it doesn't change based on sex.

    and who is at fault? you're blaming women for doing the same things that men do? O.o

    okay 1. I love the sexist stereotypical picture youve painted of women in their 30s vs men being in shape and financially stable lmao that's really funny.

    and 2. you're not very logical yourself if you don't understand why after experiencing what is perceived to be negative, people look for something opposite...if a kid burns their hand on the stove badly, its not likely that they will do it again. or at some point you come to realize that the decisions youve made aren't what you want anymore, wouldn't you logically choose to go in a different direction? what DONT you understand about that?

    ah, I see. lets just call this what it is - you want younger women. period. be honest, I hate when men bullsh*t to try to make their actions seem any more logical than they are. same honest guy I mentioned above admitted the same thing. he had some wealthy, apparently gorgeous woman in her 30s totally on his nut sack, wanted his kids, they watched football together, and everything. he was in the same age group and said he didn't want to date her because she was exactly one or 2 years older and how he thinks he just wants a younger woman because of physical attraction. even though other men thought this woman was gorgeous and she had wealthier men and models coming after her. he wasn't employed either, he was living on government assistance from his military service. at least he was honest though.

    its so funny when people think theyre being logical, but really aren't and just use that word to boost their emotional expression of frustration. considering the fact that people are getting married much later and more and more women aren't having children until their 30s, there's not much logic to your argument. you seem to be illogically basing your argument on, again, a sexist, stereotypical picture of women. that, and there's probably a class element here and sex bias. I don't think women in their 30s are less attractive at all, but if you're looking for someone who looks 19, that's probably your issue. why try to apply the label of logic where there is none. finding women who have not been married and don't have children in their 30s is really not hard these days. More people on both sides take better care of themselves as they age these days as well. But if you want someone who looks fresh out of high school or college, that's probably what it comes down to, more often than not.

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      and its more honest to talk about why men like younger women. there's a manipulation factor, an ego boost that comes with it especially once you hit the late 20s/early 30s mark, an attraction to naivety and the belief in the idea of "no baggage" or "a better attitude", or liking a certain ego-boosting personality or attitude that comes with some girls at a younger age for older men. That's being honest. But if we're just bullsh*tting, then sure, its because most women make bad decisions. sure.

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      women and men don't make too many different decisions. two people get married, two people get divorced, two people have children. it doesn't make sense, to me, to point the finger at women and make this a womens issue and talk about who is to blame "who is at fault" if both are doing the same thing. what part of that don't you understand? I can't answer that question. I don't believe women make especially different decisions than men do. They are just judged differently for those decisions.

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      But its okay. No offense, but I'm not getting the sense that you are the type of person who can easily comprehend the point I'm trying to make, much less agree with it. Different types of people. Carry on.