Does she like me? (Prefer female answers)

So I'm at a small party at my buddy's house sh*tfaced, I meet a girl and she says I'm cute and a few minutes later asks me to sit down next to her on the couch so I do. After sitting down for a moment she begins massaging the outside of my middle right thigh (shes to the right of me) I then go ahead and put my arm around her. She sits like that for a few minutes but then gets back up to play pong. (Alot of my friends are saying she was just trying to take care of me because I was hammered but I'm not so sure). O ya the other issue is that she is in a 2 month relationship ( her boyfriend wasn't there) What do you guys think?


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  • I think the minute you found out that she was in a two month relationship the rest of the question shouldn't matter. The truth is she might like you, she might be sexually attracted to you or she might be a tease; all these possibilities are equally valid. Whether she likes you or not though, if she is rubbing up your thigh while she has a boyfriend you most likely shouldn't be bothered with her.

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  • She's messing with you.


    I hate to say it, but I don't think she likes you.

    She just wanted you.

    Sorry. :(

  • Sounds like she was at least considering something with you. You kind of need to see her sober to know.

  • not sure but here's how to find out! when you see her again say hi and when she says hi back see if she gets all shy and blushes and looks toward the ground or away from you. if she does then she Def likes you!

  • Seems like she was either trying to make sure you were alright and is maybe one of those people who are more touchy when they are drinking... That or she was drunk and wanted you while being drunk, most things that happen while drinking don't end in serious interest though.

  • I'm pretty sure she likes you! The fact that she let you keep your arm on her shoulder for minutes speaks for itself - I would never let someone I didn't like do that ;)

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