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Why are single mothers so vindictive?

Why are single mothers so hungry for revenge? I got one of my cousin that is a single mother, she always comes to my mother for support of any kind.... Show More

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  • My mom was a single mother with the exception of the couple relationships. The next best thing to having a dad was having a grandfather. My family is amazing and my moms cousins or my 2nd cousins were also a huge part of my life. It takes a village to raise a child , my family is the village.My mom did everything for me but love and support didn't just stop there... It continues with family. I will tell you right now I wasn't a mistake child. Referring a child as a mistake is not OK. It's no wonder she gives you the look of death.

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  • Why are single mothers so vindictive?

    Likely the same reason 'nice guys', dorks/nerds/geeks/, etc are so vindictive. That reason being most people desire a partner and when they're unsuccessful or regarded as undesirable they respond with anger and lashing out at others even considering it others fault they can't get what they want.

  • My cousin split with his girlfriend and was left raisong their child on his own and yes I do help out if he needs it. They're my family.

  • because its a hard job and people can be insensitive to mothers, they can feel attacked, alone, while mom's with husband have a partnership , are supportive and someone has their back. Single mom's are alone in the world out for the wolves to get them...

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  • LIfe is so hard for most single mothers; its financially difficult, and most guys won't go near them because they don't want the responsibility and problems that come with father substitute status.

    So naturally she got mad when you attacked her on that very issue...

    Why have that arugment? Just keepyour distance from her. You don't need to tell her directly not to look at you as a substitue father. That's is asking for a fight, or

    Or, for a dirty toothbrush. Who knows what else she's done to you that you didn't detect?

    • the argument happened 5 years ago. 8 months ago she asked me to nanny her child, which I replied "find a Nanny I'm busy today".

    • tooth brush attack was yesterday lol.

    • You could have been a little more diplomatic wen you turned down taking her of the kid...and she's only asked yu the one time..?

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