Why are single mothers so vindictive?

Why are single mothers so hungry for revenge? I got one of my cousin that is a single mother, she always comes to my mother for support of any kind. My mother doesn't mind because she gets to use her car (the single mothers') when in need. But she always brings her child along, which when she was... Show More

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  • My mom was a single mother with the exception of the couple relationships. The next best thing to having a dad was having a grandfather. My family is amazing and my moms cousins or my 2nd cousins were also a huge part of my life. It takes a village to raise a child , my family is the village.My mom did everything for me but love and support didn't just stop there... It continues with family. I will tell you right now I wasn't a mistake child. Referring a child as a mistake is not OK. It's no wonder she gives you the look of death.