Do you think boys are less intelligent and aren't cut out to be successful in the modern era?

I'm sure many of you have already read about "the end of men" etc. Personally I if you break it down by race/class...its poor and minority boys that are being hardest hit, and blanketly saying that men in general are going down seems kinda missing the point. But regardless...I hear "mens rights... Show More

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  • " I remember one feminist even lamented that Scandinavian countries..which often have more regulations to ensure gender equality...see HUGE gaps between boys an girls in reading ability."

    It's true for Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland, but not true for Denmark. Denmark one of the most gender equal country too, but their educational gender gaps different from other Scandinavian countries. In reading boys disadvantage is significantly lower than other Scandinavian countries (for example in the last PISA reading in 2009, the gender gap was 48 ponts in Norway, but 29 points in Denmark, which is well below the OECD avarage too). In maths boys advantage in Denmark is one of the highest in the world, this is different from the other Scandinavian countries, where there are no difference or girls perform better. If the gender equality were the reason the large gender gap in reading in the Scandinavian countries, why that is not true for Denmark?

    I think because this is not the reason. The reason is the anti-school behaviors of boys, which is everywhere in the developed world, but stronger in some countries (for example in Norway) than other countries. And that's already begin in early childhood, when parents enroll boys in sport and this will be the priority, who are the best in football is the cool person, not who is good at the school.

    How can it possible that in the last PIRLS test (which is a reading test for 10 years olds) in England girls read better than boys by 21 points (that means in England boys are a year behind girls in reading skills), but in Italy girls read only 3 ponts better (that is no significant difference)? Morover, England with the 21 points difference has a much larger gender gap than Norway and Sweden (both 14 points). If you see gender gaps in Europe you can see that in Northern and Eastern Europe has a very large gender gap in reading (which favours girls) and almost no gender gap in Math. In Western and Southern Europe there is a not so large gender gap in Maths which favours boys, and not so large gender gap in Reading which favors girls. So I think it's only because of the cultural differences, different attitude to the learning not intelligence. If it was because of the intelligence you can't see so large differences beetween the country groups.

    The PIRLS 2011 gender gap (this is an international reading test for 10 year olds):

    - countries with the smallest:

    Italy: 3 points

    France: 5 points

    Spain: 5 points

    Belgium: 5 points


    - (western) countries with the largest:

    Australia: 17 points

    New Zealand: 20 points

    Finland: 21 points

    England: 21 points

    The difference in England is 6 times as much than Italy. How can it possible so large difference beetween 10 years old English and Italian children?

    • VERY interesting man..whered you get all this? Have you done research on this before?

    • One thing though..u can't just look at the gap...what if Italian girls and boys are way below English girls and boys? period..meaning reading ability goes up period..the gap widens because women have more advancement to be made and more of an opportunity to have a gap...what do the numbers look like when you compare them overall?