Why does Kourtney and Kim Kardashian look Indian as in South Asian Indian?

I know they're Armenian which was ancestrally ruled by Aryans and the first Hindus were Aryans so do you think their ancestors were Hindus? Khloe Kardashian looks more irish from her mom's side and more Caucasian. But Kourtney and Kim don't look Caucasian to me, they look south asian. what are your thoughts?


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  • First, the word "Arya" was taken from Vedas (Hindu scriptures) and given twisted meanings by Western historians (Christian believers) who believed that world was made on 4004 B.C. They came up with different kinds of theories based on linguistics that a mythical "Aryan" race invaded (old theory) or immigrated (modern theory) and introduced Hinduism in Indian sub-continent. The entire theory is based on linguistics and do not have any real evidence. Its an extrapolation. The Iranians borrowed a lot from ancient Vedic religion and Zoroaster built a rival sect opposing Vedic religion. That's how Iran shared Sanskrit and named themselves Aryan. Iranians are NO Aryans and it does not mean race. It originally in the ancient Vedas refers to Hindus or Vedic followers. Indian texts refer to Iranians (mletcha particularly parasikhas), Chinese (China), Huns (Mongolians), Gurundas (British) etc. etc...All of them are called as mletchas including Iranians (foreigners and derogatpory term). Iranians are hardly Arya...Vedic texts do not speak about any region outside Indian subcontinent. Max Mueller and others who came up with these theories are ardent Christian missionaries who wantedly maligned and misrepresented the ancient Vedic texts. Just as Hitler stole Swastiika and misrepresented it, Christian missionaries wearing a veil of academicians in 18-19th centuries knowingly misinterpreted Vedic texts for religio-political purposes. Max Mueller (propounder of Aryan invasion theory) has admitted this (goal being spreading Christianity and maligning Vedic texts) in his own words in his letters to his wife which is published and well known.

  • Because...they just do?

  • They don't look Caucasion? how does a person have to look, to look caucasion then?

  • I think they'd be hard-pressed to find India on a map. How does one really look Irish?

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  • khloe isn't really a kardashian, her mother cheated on Robert kardashian with a guy named Alex I believe was his name... and he is a spitting image of Khloe, hence why Khloe doesn't look like any of the other kardashians. if you google khloe kardashian real dad, pictures come up and the two are IDENTICAL

  • Nope they don' t look Indian... More like Spanish

  • Too much fake and bake?

    • you mean tan?

  • I don't know where your coming from with the Hindu relation tbh. Armenia, approx 2000 was originally part of Persia. The area where Armenia and Iran is today was originally and still inhabitated by the Aryan people. Today the Aryans, while mostly predominant in Iran, are still evident in relatively large proportion in Armenia, as well India and smaller surrounding countries that only recently in the last 150 years separated from Iran and Armenia.The Indians, or Hindus, were for a long time part of the Persian/ aka Aryan Empire, but not in the same area as modern day Armenia. The Aryans expanded as far as India and China, and while people were encouraged to travel a lot during that era within the empire, I don't think that the Kardashians' ancestors were Indian.Their name ''Kardashian'' is a old Persian and Armernian name. People with that or very similar surnames are commom among Armenia and Northern Iran, including my own and I myself are from northern Iran. The "ian" part means children of, and "kardash" I believe means "craftsmen". Hence, I'm pretty sure they are of Aryan ancestry as oppossed to Hindu.Also keep in mind that Armenians and Aryans do classify as Caucasian also (in relation to the comment about chloe looking more Irish/causcasian). Hope that helps clear things up for you!

    • why do you think aryan is synonymously called the "Indo-European" people? what do you think "Indo"? is? it is Indian. you do realize Aryan is a sanskrit word right? as is yoga and karma and kama sutra? sanskrit is an Indian language most related to hindi.

    • you sound like you are brainwashed and have self pride in your armenian/persian heritage. but as a true historian you need to look into the facts more clearly. no offense.

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