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Why am I still single?

I'm a senior in high school, and I haven't had a boyfriend since freshmen year(he only dated me just to have a girl,only lasted a week, and I haven't... Show More

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  • In order to answer this question, let me reflect a little of my own life. I am currently 21 years old, I didn't get into my first relationship until I was 20 and was never kissed until I was 20. A lot of my friends in high school had girlfriends but I didn't, so I can relate to what you are saying. Sometimes a person doesn't have their first relationship until later like I did.

    From what I have read you are trying to get into a relationship with someone without really knowing who this guy is. You ask guys to dance with you, but how well do they really know you? Most guys (as I have found with most women) will not just jump into a relationship with someone they don't know. The best thing for you to do is to stop focusing on trying to get a boyfriend and just get more guys that are friends, hang out and do stuff with them. If you and one of your new guy friends develop mutual feelings for each other then you can move on from there.

    Your friends may have boyfriends, but how long will many of those last? The best relationships are the ones that bring out the best in a person :)

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  • (Age:Under 18)

    Time to panic? I don't think so. link

    Well, I didn't date much before I was 19.

    • Get some guy friends. You won't date them but other guys (their friends) will become interested in you.

  • oh my god my life isn't perfect is high school that means it'll be awful forever if you haven't had sex and a relationship by junior year of high school your life is over I should just go die somewhere because there's no point in living if I don't have a boyfriend in senior year of high school.

    i hope you got the sarcasm.

  • Pick one you like and tell him you like him.

  • it's high school...

  • Its hard to tell without being able to look at you. Maybe they are intimidated by your looks. There could be a guy that's fallen in love with you and is to scared to ask you out, that he's begged every guy to keep away from you. You could have a scary looking dad. If you are keen you can send me a message to my profile regaurding your pic. I don't think I will know you or any of your friends and I will respect your privacy.

    • Intimidated by looks... or by a reputation of being too 'prudish', too 'serious', too keen to marry. We can't know.

  • It won't last, you're female. Guys get it far worse with no hope of rectification.

  • It sounds to me like you are desperate like 95% of men are. Here is my opinion on this.1 you are either extremely good looking so guys don't approach you or talk to you because they don't want to get rejected by you. If you are extremely beautiful guys think what's the point in talking to her she is just gonna be a bitch etc. 2 Since you are looking for a boy friend you are giving of an aura of being hungry, that you need a guy. That is repelling them. 3 Maybe you are not dressing well. Dress more girlie use a type of perfum like vinilla or strabarry. 4 show some skin that will really get a guys attention. Hopefully you have features to show off like breasts booty legs etc.

    When you literrally don't need a guy and you have the aura of not caring that's when guys will be throwing them selves at you. 5 hang out with high value people in you school meaninf cool people. Cool people hang out with cool people. So what's better than to hang out with a cool fun well dressed girl? When you find a potential Boyfriend don't jump in right away. Be a challenge. This is just my opinion of course. That is how I notice girls being who are in demand.

  • "thinking I am weird or desperate."

    This is called an irrational fear.

    This fear is what stops you, from doing what is necessary to get a boyfriend.

    You have to beat that fear.

  • Just wanted to add to what I posted earlier. Get to know a guy before you get into a relationship. If you want to get into a relationship just to have one, you might get into a relationship with someone who might not be your type. Also if you just ask random guys you think are cute, chances are they will probably turn you down (since they don't know you very well). Also you need to consider that some guys (like some girls) are incredibly shy at talking to women.Maybe that Valentine's day gift was from a guy that liked you, but was too shy to approach you for fear of rejection. So you need to consider that as much as some guys act tough on the outside, they could be incredibly shy when it comes to talking to you and there could be some guys that like you but are too shy to approach you.

    If worst comes to worst and you need a date to prom, ask one of your two guy friends to go with you as just friends. There's nothing wrong with doing that, that's what I did with my high school prom, I went with a girl who was just a friend and I had a fun time.

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  • I don't know. Do you go to a small high school? Maybe the people that go to your school just are not good matches for you. You shouldn't take it personally, there are certain people that are meant to date because they're personality match up like puzzle pieces. If their is no one that matches you it isn't your fault. I didn't really date in high school either. You could try looking in other grades or at guys outside your clique. If you want my honest opinion it might be a blessing in disguise that you don't have a boyfriend, boys are very time consuming, stressful and often pressure girls for sex before they are ready. Take this time of your life to enjoy the friendships that you have and time spent with family and hobbies, and everything thing else knowing you are free from being in a relationship. Having strong feelings for some one can be a burden and a distraction because it can take up a lot of you time and energy.

  • College will have plenty of guys

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