Have you ever been too late in going out with someone because another person beat you to them?

I have. it sucks, I guess I just have to act sooner or something.

How many times has it happened and how do you react?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes.

    Long story short, there was a girl that if you were with a bunch of guys & her name was mentioned each guy no matter what age would say "oh man she's hot" I had a chance & didn't take it because "she's hot" One Valentines day I ran into her, said happy Valentine's day & said I didn't even get a card or a paycheck. She said she didn't get a card but got a paycheck. I wanted to send her a card & flowers but I figured she was too hot for me.

    I saw her many times in between but about a year later I noticed she had an engagement ring on her finger. I said congrats "he's a luck guy, wish it was me" She replied "you never asked me out"

    I think I just stood there. I don't remember anything else but her smiling & walking away.