Girls, why do my balls remain close to my body and my scrotum remain wrinkled most of the time?

my balls goes upwards and remain close to my body and the scrotum get wrinkly most of the time whenever I get engaged in some physical activity, as a result my crotch looks like a girl's when I m in shorts or tight jeans. I get very embarrassed, depressed, shy, and lacking confidence and self esteem.

Girls do you know guy with the same problem? what did the do to cure this? am I slowly turning into a genderless?


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  • I usually don't stare and guy's crotches all the if other guys I've come across have this problem, then I'm not aware of it...

    Also, I think guys would be able to help you better with this question, haha, since they have the same parts as you...

    Anyway, I know that, for instance, when it is cold outside, your balls might kind of retract and move closer to your body...this is like a defense mechanism for your sperm, since they cannot be too warm or too cold. And this is true for all guys, not just you.

    I think when you're exercising, your oxygenated blood is needed in your muscles that are doing the work. At that point in time, your crotch is not doing any work and less blood might make your testicles look like they've shrunken or contracted.

    And I feel like if you're wearing tight jeans, the jeans themselves could be just way too constricting that your guy bits are getting crushed.

    So this isn't anything to be seriously worried about. In fact, I think you should be more worried if things like this WEREN'T happening to you, because that would mean that your body isn't working properly to protect sperm or optimize certain functions.

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      thanks, some people both guys and girls asked why I am asking to girls. but guys give the same answer in short cut which I ve heard already. and some make fun of it. girls have interaction they have more knowledge than guys themselves. and girls mostly are working in health, nursing and all this question is best answered and has been answered by girls thank u

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