Girls, why do my balls remain close to my body and my scrotum remain wrinkled most of the time?

my balls goes upwards and remain close to my body and the scrotum get wrinkly most of the time whenever I get engaged in some physical activity, as a result my crotch looks like a girl's when I m in shorts or tight jeans. I get very embarrassed, depressed, shy, and lacking confidence and self esteem.

Girls do you know guy with the same problem? what did the do to cure this? am I slowly turning into a genderless?


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  • I usually don't stare and guy's crotches all the if other guys I've come across have this problem, then I'm not aware of it...

    Also, I think guys would be able to help you better with this question, haha, since they have the same parts as you...

    Anyway, I know that, for instance, when it is cold outside, your balls might kind of retract and move closer to your body...this is like a defense mechanism for your sperm, since they cannot be too warm or too cold. And this is true for all guys, not just you.

    I think when you're exercising, your oxygenated blood is needed in your muscles that are doing the work. At that point in time, your crotch is not doing any work and less blood might make your testicles look like they've shrunken or contracted.

    And I feel like if you're wearing tight jeans, the jeans themselves could be just way too constricting that your guy bits are getting crushed.

    So this isn't anything to be seriously worried about. In fact, I think you should be more worried if things like this WEREN'T happening to you, because that would mean that your body isn't working properly to protect sperm or optimize certain functions.

    • thanks, some people both guys and girls asked why I am asking to girls. but guys give the same answer in short cut which I ve heard already. and some make fun of it. girls have interaction they have more knowledge than guys themselves. and girls mostly are working in health, nursing and all this question is best answered and has been answered by girls thank u

    • IF You STARE at it would you be able to judge who's got big balls and who's got small? I got a decent size **** and I m proud of it because I ask every girl who I have sex with about the size and all of them say that I got a good d*** size. but if I ask about the balls, they hesitate to answer and some don't hesitate to say that yes it is quite smaller than most of the guys. I asked one of the girls how small is it compared to other guys and she replied it is almost half the size.

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  • Why are you asking girls specifically? I'm sure there are more guys who could help! Or maybe there are a few doctors in the room?

    Relax, man. There's nothing wrong with you. If it bothers you so much, don't wear shorts or tight jeans. Trust me, you're a man. :D

    • i have started to feel like I m slowly becoming a genderless (eunuch). if that's the case then I don't want to live like that. I want to complete this life as soon as possible and reborn with a new body with normal balls, where I don't feel embarrassed, shy, depressed, frustated and hopeless. I also feel that if I get marraied my wife will run away with someone else and when I think of it my heart burns and feel like it's been slashed with a knife

    • Do you feel like it is progressing somehow? This is nothing to be ashamed of. But if you feel like you're changing somehow, it wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor. Do you get regular physicals done at the doctor's office?

  • Having studied anatomy for massage therapy, I can tell you this is very normal, especially during physical activity. Yoyr balls will probably start to hang a little lower as you get older, just ask a 45 year old guy. :) I doubt this will be an issue with gf's and it highly unlikely that your balls are shrinking. Have you considered looser shorts and pants? Keeping your penis and balls all bound up like that might be why you think your mamhood is shrinking. Good luck sweetie!

  • THey are supposed to be doing that- Loran7 is right. Also... I can't speak for everyone, of course, but I know that I have *never* had a conversation with any woman at any time about how she thought a guy would be much more attractive if only his balls hung lower. ANd I have never heard any woman say anything about scrotum-wrinkliness. The only time we (meaning my specific circle) talk about balls is if there is more or less than there are supposed to be, or if they are *substantially* larger than other balls we have seen. And then it's more like an observation, not a critique.

    I really hope that will make you feel a little bit better. Your balls are just fine.

  • Its OK. When guys get cold or run or have sex the testicles draw up close to the body. This one guy that I was dating had balls that went up inside him when we had sex, used to piss me off because I like holding them and rubbing them during sex, it turns me on. This other guy I went with had balls so big that I could not even press them up in his belly. I enjoyed him a lot and they were always right there for me. But I was thinking this guy better never get kicked because it would rupture him for sure, he would lose them both. Don't worry about it, who cares, if we want to play with them we know how to press them back down then trap them in the bag by circling our fingers around them. I like to put a plastic ring around them so they can't move away then have sex, it makes them press up against me real hard, wow its fun, but does hurt him some, hee hee.

    • 56d

      Wow Tina1140 I have read a number of your posts and I must say you sound like an incredible person I have a bunch of questions for you regarding some things you mentioned previously pls message me if you get a chance...

  • why are you asking girls? Girls don't have a penis or balls just guys do

    • yes but girls have more interaction with guys and guys tell everthing to girls to start a topic in sex or just to be naughty. or flirty with you guys. boys have limited knowledge and I m tired of hearing the same thing again and again.

    • boys go in locker rooms with other boys -.- just saying they've seen more guys naked then I probably ever will personally, (by choice)

  • If you already have the "hardware I don't think that it can go away. But I would def ask some guys, they may be able to help a little more.

  • maybe that your body way of protecting it self from harm. Please answer mine!

  • I have a v, I have no clue about d's, sorry. Try going to the doctor or maybe asking another dude :)

  • I'm pretty sure that's normal, but you might have been better off asking some dudes because they actually have balls unlike girls.

  • Why are you asking girls? That's like some girl asking guys about periods. Utterly useless.

  • Well, my boyfriend has that after sex but within the next day or so it goes back to normal. Maybe it's something that happens when a guy gets excited?

  • Maybe your penis is so badass, they are trying to stay the hell away, but they can't seem to get back inside. They regret dropping at all.

  • yeah my balls do the same thing. sadly no cure -_-

  • I'm a bit confused why you're asking girls too lol, but if it gives you any confidence I don't think girls will necessarily be judging you on it! I think if you look at professional sports men a lot would seem to experience the same thing...

    • i am sorry if I embarrassed you but I thought girls would give an honest answer and they know lot of guys so I thought they knew about it . guys would only make fun and give some weird answers

    • Not embarrassed don't worry, just a bit clueless cos it's more blokes' territory :) The first two guy answers below look spot-on though.

    • coz girl have more interaction with guys. and most of the guys share it with girls. Now I wasn't aware of the fact that even the sports men who are surrounded by doctors experience the same thing. gurys don't give these kind of examples and suggestions

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  • Your scrotum merely needs to be worked out properly. In the evenings when you're home alone, apply Vaseline liberally to your scrotum and attach a 3 pound cinder block to it with fish hooks. You'll experience extreme pain for the first few days, but then you'll find yourself enjoying it. Within a few weeks you'll be able to rock a speedo.

  • Why are you asking Girls? Your scrotum does this to protect your testicles from being injured. There's no 'cure'. It's your body behaving normally.

  • First off, asking a girl about male genitalia isn't very useful. It's as useful as a girl asking guys about ovarian cysts or about ways to handle PMS. :-P

    Second of all, this sounds more serious than any of us every-day-people can give you advice on.

    I would see a doctor; even if you don't have health insurance there are free clinics around that you can go to.

  • Two reasons

    1 .It could be cold where you are and your balls need a certain temperature to be fully functional. When it is cold your ball get pulled closer to your body to keep temperature. When it is hot your balls lie away from you.

    2 When you exercise you body diverts blood to the areas that need it most. i.e muscles. the blood then is directed away from your balls as you don't need them while exercising and so that they don't get in the way while exercising

    This thing happens to most guys especially Growers.

  • Your testicles seem normal and healthy and I would say that it's your tight shorts and jeans that are the issue and infact I would say burn them and buy some looser and manlier pants, shorts, and undergarments, especially if they are causing you to feel terrible about yourself and all styles of pants are sold loose fitting, even blue jeans. The only other advice I can give you is to soak your testicles in ice cold water when they are shiveled up the point of almost receeding into your stomach for at least three minutes and do not warm them up afterward. This will draw blood to the Testicles and cause them to drop thrity minutes after the ice wash has finished. Respect your testicles Brother and they shall respect you back!

  • Wtf? If your that worried, see a Medical proffesional! OMG! This question kills me!

  • How tiny is your hang-low, dude?

  • Because girls would totally be able to help you...

  • You trollin'? Question is ridiculous.